Bowl-Aire Lanes

John Woodard Classic League

Uteggs Body Shop 223, Tobber Racing 217.5


Charlie Kalika 202,245,267-717; Tom Hansen 203,286-685; Moose Dunnewold 222,255,203-680; Ted Cressley 202,237,228-667; Dave McCray 226,226,208-660; Dan Baker 218,244-636; Nate Kornikoski 205,225,204-634; Keith Willis 232,204-633; Gary Zajac 222,223-630; Jeff Peters 234, 213-625; Darren Higley 213,217-621; Lant Lictus 202,214-611; Doug Eck 260-610; Justin Oesch 211, 202-605; Russ Volk 231,210-600; Bill Moats 227; Tim Klawuhn 233; Dan Gates 219,203; John Prihoda 213; Aaron Carney 233; Jason Goodwill 223; Brian Willink 235; Bruce Williams 214, 214; Kevin Williams 234,212; Nick Eck 211,217; Douglas Eck 221; Les Utegg Jr 213; Kenny Adams 203,214; Caleb Knapp 209; Carl Morton 202; Dean Johnson 223; Mike Comitz 205.

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