One of the most difficult concepts of Christianity to understand is that of the Trinity: the belief that although we worship only one God, He exists in three persons, as Father and Creator, as Son who redeems, and as the Holy Spirit who guides and counsels. One simultaneous God with three separate roles and purposes. 

We, with our limited human intellect, have tried since the beginning of time to provide ourselves with some level of comprehension on this very arduous teaching. The three leaves of a clover, yet still one clover. The three equal sides of one triangle. Once, when I was teaching eighth grade religion, I explained it to their young minds using the different roles that each one of them had. While being a daughter or son, a friend, a student, an athlete or academician, etc., etc., all of the separate identities were still wrapped up into just one human being, into just a single person. I explained, if we, weak humanity, could bear different identities into one human body, certainly God, in His divinity, could combine three into one. 

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