Corry’s ninth-grade boys basketball team outlasted Warren 34-30 on Monday.

The Beavers were up 12-8 after one quarter and 17-10 at the half holding the visitors to just two points. It was tied after three quarters.

“We jumped out big on them and played really good defense and moved the ball the best we have all season,” noted coach Kevin Williams. “Chance Rogers was on a mission in the first quarter hit a big three. He was dominant inside, kicking the ball out for two open looks. Our balanced scoring just shows how well we played as a team and didn’t have anyone in double digits.

“This was a total team effort, the entire bench is playing a huge part in the outcome of these games,” he claimed. “Still we need to clean up our turnovers and take care of the ball when it comes down to crunch time. It’s the second game in a row we’ve given up a double-digit lead.

“As a team we definitely need to start getting basketball smart,” Williams admitted. “We aren’t making the right decisions at the right times, that’s the basketball maturity we are working towards. We just have to get ‘basketball smart’ enough to finish games without these mental errors.”

Rylan Smith led the scoring with eight points. Ray Carr and Rogers with five apiece. Drew Kuzma and Nate Smith both had four points, Brian Cressley and Cole Nickerson three, Zach Martin two.

Rogers had five rebounds, Smith four. Rogers had two assists, Kuzma with a blocked shot.

• Corry’s seventh-graders won at home over Beaty, 39-31.

Karson Chamberlin led all scorers with 27 points. Nick Lesher added five as did Cameron Ricketts, Kayden McCray with two.

“We were able to hold off a surge from Warren at the end of the game thanks in part to a charge from Nick Lesher and making free throws down the stretch,” said coach Chris Getz.

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