Despite again being outnumbered, Corry’s boys won their sixth swim meet of the season Thursday splashing past visiting Union City, 84-70.

All seven boys contributed first-place finishes, Corry winning all but three events.

David Anderson and Nathan Labowski both won their individual events, and took part in two victorious relays.

Donald Buell, Gavin Graves and Zack Lesher were all individual winners.

The 200 medley relay of Nathan Labowski, Noah Gerould, Anderson and Buell opened the meet with a win and the Beavers never looked back.

“Our 1-2 and 1-3 efforts were what made the difference,” noted coach Doug Gerould. “A team can win every event and still lose a meet. Our boys really stepped up despite being down a man.”

Graves and Bryce Benedict were 1-2 in the 200 free, Lesher and Graves 1-2 in the 100 free, Anderson and Buell 1-2 in the 50 free.

The 100 breaststroke finish put the meet away.

“Donald (Buell) has been on fire for us the last couple of weeks, he’s been swimming some impressive times,” said coach Gerould.

For Union City, Collen Hornaman won diving, Aaron Taylor the 500 free and the 200 free relay was first.

For the UC girls (2-7), Kyle Haskins (diving), Olivia Trauner (100 backstroke), Veronica Walker (100 breaststroke) and the 200 medley relay took firsts.

For the Lady Beavers, who were ahead 30-29 before diving, Allison Ahl and Kyra Hammond won both of their events. They teamed up with Abbey Helmer and Marilyn Reed to win the 200 free relay and with Reed and Amanda Fielding to touch first in the 400 free relay.

Helmer won the 50 free, Reed the 100 fly with a PR time.

“We were overwhelmed by Union City’s depth in the last three events,” Gerould admitted. “We kept ourselves in the meet, battling the whole way.”

Corry went 1-2-3 in the 100 free, 1-2-4 in the 200 free and 1-3 in the 500 free that tied the meet. A 1-3 finish in the 200 free put Corry ahead 68-62 but UC outscored its hosts 31-11 in the final three events.

“We are very pleased with the direction this season is going,” Gerould claimed. “We had 17 PRs between the girls and boys with a lot of very good races.”

Region 2 action resumes Monday with a meet at Girard. 

Union City Girls 93, Corry 79

200 medley relay — UC (Trauner, Walker, Webster, Fletcher) 2:18.64; 200 freestyle — Ahl (C) 2:09.28, 2. Fielding (C), 3. Fletcher (UC); 200 individual medley — Hammond (C) 2:35.05, 2. Walker (UC), 3. O’Neill (UC);  50 freestyle — Helmer (C) 30.83, 2. Hanlin (UC), 3. Kinney (UC); diving — Haskins (UC) 132.11, 2. Koe (UC); 100 butterfly — Reed (C) 1:19.29, 2. Fletcher (UC), 3. Webster (UC); 100 freestyle — Hammond (C) 1:01.09, 2. Espinosa (C), 3. Otteni (C); 500 freestyle — Ahl (C) 5:58.80, 2. Trauner (UC), 3. Fielding (C); 200 freestyle relay — C (Hammond, Helmer, Reed, Ahl) 1:56.60; 100 backstroke — Trauner (UC) 1:18.42, 2. Webster (UC), 3. Helmer (C); 100 breaststroke — Walker (UC) 1:19.96, 2. O’Neill (UC), 3. Thomas (UC); 400 freestyle relay — C (Hammond, Fielding, Reed, Ahl) 4:30.37.

Corry Boys 84, Union City 70

200 medley relay — C (N.Labowski, Gerould, Anderson, Buell) 1:59.44; 200 freestyle — Graves (C) 2:08.33, 2. Benedict (C), 3. Brown (UC); 200 individual medley — N.Labowski (C) 2:22.59, 2. Gardner (UC); 50 freestyle — Anderson (C) 23.44, 2. Buell (C), 3. McWilliams (UC); diving — Hornaman (UC) 168.7, 2. Kesselring; 100 butterfly — Anderson (C) 1:02..40, 2. Gardner (UC); 100 freestyle — Lesher (C) 57.75, 2. Graves (C), 3. Lehotsky (UC); 500 freestyle — Taylor (UC) 5:30.22, 2. Benedict (C), 3. Brown (UC); 200 freestyle relay — UC (Gardner, Kesselring, McWilliams, Brown) 1:44.81; 100 backstroke — N.Labowski (C) 1:03.95, 2. Belluomini (UC); 100 breaststroke — Buell (C) 1:11.20, 2. Taylor (UC), 3. Gerould (C); 400 freestyle relay — C (Anderson, Graves, Lesher, Benedict) 3:52.18.

Swimming Region 2

Corry def Union City (boys)

Union City def Corry (girls)

Fairview swept Harbor Creek

General McLane def Iroquois (boys)

Iroquois def General McLane (girls)

Girard swept North East

Wrestling results

Saegertown 53, North East 21

Sheffield 48, Cameron County 24

Tonight: Union City at Fort LeBoeuf

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