FORESTVILLE, N.Y. — Clymer opened its bowling season yesterday and were swept by Forestville in both boys and girls action.

“Our boys are very young most of them are in eighth grade and we have only two ninth graders returning,” noted coach Hop Willey. “Our girls should do pretty well this year, however, not tonight.

“We bowled a tough Forestville team,” he said. “The girls lost their first game by only six pins.”

Forestville took the boys games 886-571, 926-665 and 919-583, plus series 2731-1809.

“The boys bowled better than I expected,” Willey claimed.

The boys were lead by Zach Newton with a 425 series and Tom Hallet with a 413.

Forestville was lead by Dakota Grienish 208-607 and Spenser Johnson 200-568.

Ashley Howard had a 210 game and 513 series to pace the Lady Hornets, who are returning champs in Division II. Clymer fell 568-562, 622-541, 622-509, and dropped total 1812-1606

The Lady Pirates were lead by Caitlyn Livermore’s 426 and Amelia Huntley’s 425. Huntley picked up the 3,4,7 split.

“The girls were all over their average but just was not enough,” said Willey.

The next match is Monday, Nov. 30 at Frewsburg.

The first home match is on Wednesday, Dec. 2 versus Randolph.

Clymer Boys 571 655 583 1809

Tyler Troup 85 X X 85

Zack Stanbro 90 149 103 342

Tom Hallet 138 131 144 413

Zach Newton 155 156 114 425

Dakota Sutter 103 99 X 202

Cooper TenHuisen X 120 131 251

Brandon Moreash X X 99 99

Clymer Girls 562 541 503 1606

Amelia Huntley 124 151 150 425

Alisha Booth 145 117 117 379

Amanda McKillip 139 124 113 376

Caitlyn Livermore 154 149 123 426

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