Undefeated 1956 Beavers to be honored on Friday night

Members of the undefeated 1956 Corry Beavers included, from left to right, Howard McMullin, Paul Dietsch, Bill Mitchell, Jim Tomer, Jack Brigham, Ed Burkhart, Connie French, Chuck Scott and Bill Turner. Row two, from left, Ernie Yanssens, Lee Williams, Bob Nichols, Dave Vannoy, Jim Woodworth, Don Kauer, John Roberts, Richard Maedje, Charles Tanner and Tom Lathrop. Row three, Jerry Lewis, Harry Paulson, Gale Winne, Emmit Young, John Morris, Joel Lloyd, John Mowrey, Dave Myers, Dick Craker and John Silvis. Row four, Bob Bailey, Ken Downey, Tom Mowrey, LeRoy Rieck, Bob Lindsey, Ronnie Reed, Charles Williams, Paul Dyne, Jim Vanik and John Fitzgerald. Row 5, Richard Kelly, Jim Reagle, Brock Boutwell, Bob Staples, Jim Maloney, Ted Martowitz, Rudy Silvis, Sid Steuart, Fred Wilkinson and Bob Herring. Row six, Mike Hanna, Mike Baressi, Billy Bachofner, Joe Baressi, Bob Falcone, Jim Parkhurst, Ray Boutwell and Mike Piccirillo. The ‘56 team will be honored at Friday’s home football game.

Let’s turn back the Corry clock to the 1956-57 school year.

That fall was special — an undefeated football season.

See the Journal’s Wednesday, August 31st edition for full story.

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