Mead Park proved another good cross country setting yesterday despite the chilly weather.

Corry’s boys and girls ran to regional wins over visiting Warren. The boys took three of the top four spots and won 22-33, while the Lady Beavers featured four of the first six finishers in pulling out a 25-30 victory.

Rachel Munsee led the way with a time of 20:44. Warren had the next two places followed by Samantha Owens, Taylor Grenz and Danielle Munsee. Tori Niggel was ninth to secure the win.

Jordan Wingard won the boys race by over a minute, finishing in 17:44. Shawn McCray ran perhaps his best race ever placing third with Jared Colvin fourth. Alan Royek was sixth and Austin Pondel eighth.

No further details were available on either race.

Corry runs in the Rocky Grove Invitational on Saturday. The region meet is the following Saturday in Youngsville.

Corry Girls 25, Warren 30

1. Rachel Munsee (C), 20:44, 2. Katie Spade (W), 21:09. 3. Ellis Beardsley (W), 21:32, 4. Sam Owens (C), 21:52, 5. Taylor Grenz (C), 21:59, 6. Danielle Munsee (C), 22:09, 7. Amanda Castagnino (W) 22:35, 8. Sabrina Anderson (W), 22:55, 9. Tori Niggel (C), 23:04, 10. Kelsey Nuhfer (W), 24:13, 11. Vanessa Kelly (W), 24:14, 12. Miranda Cummings (C) 25:31, 15. Megan Blakeslee (C) 25:59, 16. Lauren Munsee (C) 27:30.

Corry Boys 22, Warren 33

1. Jordan Wingard (C), 17:44, 2. Amani Bosko (W), 18:47, 3. Shawn McCray (C), 18:52, 4. Jared Colvin (C), 19:09, 5. Jake Scott (W), 19:11, 6. Alan Royek (C), 19:29, 7. Josh Thornton (W), 19:47, 8. Austin Pondel (C), 19:54, 9. Ryan Ottney (W), 20:04, 10. Corey Barirde (W), 20:09, 11. Kory Thomas (W), 20:12, 12. Kyle Labowski (C) 20:17, 13. Chad Wiler (C) 20:29, 16. Jordan Rooker (C) 20:57, 17. Drew Williams (C) 21:16, 23. Jonathan Greer (C) 26:48, 24. Rob Reynolds (C) 30:47.

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