Corry’s middle school girls volleyball team took on Iroquois on Tuesday.

The A team lost in a heartbreaker 21-25, 25-17 and 15-13.

“We were up by seven points several times in the third set, but struggled in one-serve receive rotation and were unable to maintain the lead,” reported coach Pat Goodsel. “Megan Dennis got us off to a good start in both the first and third sets, serving for a total of 15 points. Haley Kurelowech and Ryann Brundage played well on the left side. They are primary serve receivers who pass a lot of balls and also get a lot of the sets.

“Alexis Cubero and Riley Peterson played middle back and are the anchor of the defense,” she stated. “They also pass a lot of balls and cover the entire back of the court. Monikah McCray had several kills and blocks in the middle, and continues to make improvements in her shot selection. Mallory Merkle and Dennis were the setters. Between them they dished out a lot of good sets for the hitters and also played good defense in right back.

“Julia Ahl also played middle and is gaining some good playing experience,” said Goodsel. “During this week, we started to work on serving to a location. As they are serving, the coach gives a signal to where they should serve. We implemented that in our match and had relatively good success.

“Moving forward we need to work on our serve receive, to get more consistent in passing the first ball,” she said. “We want it to go forward towards the setter and not too tight to the net. We also need to work on communication. We need the girls to be vocal in calling the ball and in letting their teammates know who should play which ball.”

The next match is today against General McLane, which should be a strong opponent, according to Goodsel.


The B team pulled out its second win of the season besting Iroquois 25-17, 25-20.

“The girls started strong with tough serves from Riley Baker and Hope Hasbrouck,” said coach Liz Anderson. “Allyson Cooney, and Payge Bailey led the offense with some great passes. To finish off game 1, Emily Baker and Megan Gourley put the ball down when the opportunity presented itself.”

Game 2 was slightly closer.

The passing was led by Aly Young, Hope Ford, Mackenzie Vanderpool and Kiara Burek.

Samantha McDonald and Lindsey Zajac were big in the front row and moved aggressively, Anderson pointed out.

“I was very happy with the way we controlled the ball,” she said. “Our serves are becoming a major threat to the opposing teams. One of the things that makes me proudest of this team is that they keep each other’s spirits up in times of doubt.”

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