Running the first-ever cross country meet at Mead Park yesterday, North East’s boys and the Union City’s girls showed they can compete under any conditions and still be the top dogs in Region 4.

NE ran its record to 7-0 with two one-sided wins over Corry and UC. The Grape Pickers had five of the first seven finishers and eight of the top 12.

Picker Alex Beardsley was almost a full minute ahead of the second-place runner, teammate Ryan Smathers.

Corry’s Jordan Wingard was third in 17:51, Union City’s Taylor Hanlin fifth (18:45).

Beaver Austin Pondel was eighth overall but third against UC, Jared Colvin fourth, Shawn McCray seventh and Chad Wiler eighth as Corry (6-1) won easily, 23-34, over the Bears (3-4)

Union City’s girls captured yet another region regular-season title besting Corry (18-37) and North East (26-29).

Vicky Bem (20:13) and Lori Beth Nunemaker led the Lady Bears with a big fourth-place effort from Montana Sparks. Melissa Bem and Rebecca Reichbaum were 9-10 against NE to clinch that meet.

North East had 1-3-4-5-6 against Corry with Beaver Rachel Munsee fourth overall, second against the Pickers.

It was down to 12th for Corry’s next finisher in Sam Owens, followed by Taylor Grenz and Danielle Munsee.

“Mead Park was great, all the athletes seemed to really enjoy it,” said Corry coach Mike Woods. “I would like to thank the Mead Park Association for allowing us to run there.”

Corry finished the season 5-2 behind Union City (7-0) and North East (6-1).

The Beavers are to run Saturday at the Sharpsville Invitational.

North East Boys 18, Corry 42

North East Boys 17, Union City 46

Corry Boys 23, Uunion City 34

1. Alex Beardsley (NE) 16:47, 2. Ryan Smathers (NE) 17:46, 3. Jordan Wingard (C) 17:51, 4. Matt Allen (NE) 18:41, 5. Taylor Hanlin (UC) 18:45, 6. Matt Scholze (NE), 7. Doug Drab (NE), 8. Austion Pondel (C) 18:57, 9. Tyler Anderson (NE), 10. Jared Colvin (C) 19:4; 13. Kevin Klus (U) 19:31, 16. Mike Wienczkowski (U) 19:45, 17. Shawn McCray (C) 19:46, 18. Chad Wiler (C) 19:53, 19. Alan Royek (C) 10:05, 20. Tim Jackson (U) 20:08, 21. Tim Long (C) 20:08, 22. Steve Mangol (U) 20:38, 23. Ben Luce (U) 20:39, 26. Jordan Rooker (C) 21:51, 27. Josh Stephenson (U) 21:53, 28. Kyle Labowski (C) 22:10, 29. Chip Oberle (U) 25:43.

North East Girls 19, Corry 38

Union City Girls 18, Corry 37

Union City Girls 26, North East 39

1. Vicky Bem (UC) 20:13, 2. Lori Beth Nunemaker (UC) 20:48, 3. Katie Perkins (NE) 20:58, 4. Rachel Munsee (C) 21:08, 5. Montana Sparks (UC) 21:36, 6. A.Lewis (NE), 7. A.Haibach (NE), 8. A.Bowen (NE), 9. A.Artise (NE), 10. Melissa Beam (UC) 21:57, 11. Rebecca Reichbaum (U) 22:18, 12. Samantha Owens (C) 22:21, 13. Taylor Grenz (C) 22:30, 14. Danielle Munsee (C) 22:30, 17. Tori Niggel (C) 23:56, 19. Brittany Kafferlin (UC) 24:15, 20. Miranda Cummings (C) 24:15, 22. Tonya Grossman (U) 26:12, 23, Megan Blakeslee (C) 26:26, 24. Lauren Munsee (C) 27:23.

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