The Corry Kids Wrestling program wrapped up the 2009-2010 season by holding its annual banquet at the Corry Alliance Church. Each wrestler was presented with an award and individual awards are also awarded.

From the novice program, which is wrestlers in their first or second year of wrestling the 2010 Rookie of the Year, was first-year wrestler Matt Whitaker. Second-year wrestler Elijah Eckonen was named the 2010 Most Improved Wrestler for the program. Hunter Fink, a second year wrestler, was awarded the 2010 110 percent award for the novice program.

In the Advanced program, sixth-year wrestler Tyler Burlew was awarded the 110 percent award. Mark May, also in his sixth year, was awarded the Most Improved Wrestler award. Eighth-year wrestler, Louie Head, was named the Most Valuable Wrestler.

Corry Kids Wrestling Board Member Tammy Head presented a special award this year to third-year wrestler Lars McElravy. Lars was awarded the 2010 “On and Off the Mat” for his dedication to wrestling and his dedication to helping any and everyone.

All first-year wrestlers were presented with a medal and a certificate.

Corry’s first year kids are Keaton Chase, Lucas Dyne, Dalton Jaquith, Hayden Linkerhof, Khristian Loveland, Lucas Munsee, Michael Pierson, Shawn Proctor, Trey Proper, Kayden Reyda, Xavier Reyda, Dominique Rick, Curtis Royek, Jon Schena, Nathan Shirey, Liam Silvis, Isaac Sproveri, Cade Utegg and Matt Whitaker.

Wrestlers completing their second year with the program were awarded engraved plaques. Those wrestlers were Parker Barto, Caden Bidwell, Alex Bugbee, Elijah Eckonen, Dylan Esh, Brayden Fenno, Hunter Fink, Jack Fink, Jaxon Gray, Tyler Hasbrouck, Caleb Marrs, Lucas Peterson, Neil Pognant, Joseph Richardson, Alexis Shrout and Jacob Sulecki.

Third-year wrestlers Dylan Gourley, Megan Gourley, Tyler Jackson, Lars McElravy, Alexander Suydan and Collin Utegg were awarded Corry Wrestling Jackets with their names on them.

Fourth-year wrestlers were awarded with duffle bags with their names embroidered on them. Those wrestlers were Garrett Head, Logan Munsee, Kreg Schreckengost and Justin Shirey.

Jack Gill, Spencer Head, Nathan Munsee and Joey Perry, the fifth-year wrestlers, were presented with a fleece blanket embroidered with their names.

Tyler Burlew and Mark May were presented with embroidered Corry Wrestling Sweatshirts for their sixth year with the program. Corrys eighth year wrestlers, Louie Head and Paul Peters were presented with Corry Wrestling Pullovers and Corry Wrestling String bags both embroidered with their named.

Rounding out the wrestler awards were Ryan Morris and Sal Wellington with their ninth year of wrestling with the Corry Kids Program. This was the final year of wrestling with the program and as a reward for their many, many years of participation, they were awarded with wrestling apparel of their choice.

All coaches were presented with two coaches’ shirts for their dedication to the program. The Corry Kids Wrestling program has finished this season and now looks forward to next year.

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