When John Cragg hauled in three touchdown passes in a game last Friday at North East, the first question that came up was whether anyone else had ever done it.

Corry had some spectacular receivers when Scottie Frisina was throwing the football: Craig Marti, Cory Owens, Braidy Westfall.

So what about Les Utegg Jr.?

Why not go to the source?

Les, who is a minister at the Columbus Evangelical Community Church while working at the family autobody garage, has a great memory.

First off, Utegg holds the Corry High School record for pass receptions in a season hauling in 58 balls in 1985. That was good for 813 yards and eight touchdowns.

What’s remarkable, Les recalls, is that he caught six of those TD passes in two different games.

Against Seneca, Utegg had 12 catches for 188 yards and three touchdowns.

In the Titusville game, Utegg caught six passes for 156 and again three TDs.

So he had six of eight touchdown catches in two games.

The quarterback that season, when Corry made its first-ever appearance in the District 10 playoffs, was Jon Fogle. He set records for 1,767 yards passing and 20 touchdowns. Bill Saborsky (not the deacon) grabbed six and Danny Mitchell five under coach Mike Cragg.

That was the season of the teacher’s strike when Mike’s dad, Vic, and principal Harry Beil, became his sideline assistant coaches.

Now, you know the rest of the story.

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