As I do on occasion, I will jump around a bit today with thoughts running through my mind pertaining to the last couple of weeks in my wide world of sports.

Sorry to my fans for missing last week, but it was a tough emotional week for me as I prepared to walk my youngest son through senior night. After having done this twice already, I thought it was going to be easier, but actually turned out to be the toughest one of the three. Making it even tougher was that fact that he came down with pneumonia shortly after the North East game thus putting him on the sidelines for senior night.

I know there are a lot more difficult things going on in people's lives, and trying to keep this all in perspective, but it is still difficult to watch your son not be able to take the field for his final time on the Sheen Field turf, the same field he played on since he was in fourth grade. On top of that, it was five years ago I lost my dad, which was such a big part of watching my boys play and talking sports on a regular basis.

Needless to say, it was a tough walk from the goal-line to the 50 but glad it is over and hopefully the Beavers put up a good fight last night out in Warren.

Not to get political, and I don't like to do that in here, but what was the NBA thinking in showing absolutely no spine with China. I applaud the Rockets owner for his comment about Hong Kong but the whole deal comes down to Adam Silver and his political cronies backing down to the communists, yes I said it — that's what they are. It was over the mighty dollar and the greed of the NBA to be broadcast in China, as always, follow the money. Interesting how the NBA would not hold an All Star game in Charlotte due to the transgender bathroom issue, but they have no problem selling TV rights to China who allows no political dissent. I support the right for the NBA players to criticize our president that is what makes our country special. But what do they think would happen to a Chinese basketball player who was as outspoken as they are regarding their leadership. I imagine that player would spend quite some time in jail along with his family if they were not executed.

Getting back to local sports and high school football. Maybe it wasn't a total blowout, but Mercyhurst Prep was up enough on Union City last week to give the ball to someone else than Steve Smith. We have seen this before, Prep was beating Corry by 40 points early in the fourth quarter last year and the top two running backs were still carrying the ball. Nice job by the Mercyhurst Prep staff to inflate statistics for their players at the expense of embarrassing other high school athletes. The coach and the AD from Prep should be ashamed, I said it last year and I stand by it. They are part of the sad problem of high school sports.

No matter how often we see stories of coaches running up the score and leaving starters in, it continues to happen. I can only applaud coach (Jeff) Goodwill for pulling Landen Weis from the game after a big first half against Seneca. Weis could have run for at least 300 yards but what would that prove. Once again, Mercyhurst Prep showed no class. They will still get eliminated in the playoffs by a public school who can't recruit.

And finally, kudos to the Corry marching band. They may be small in numbers, but they look so much better than the last couple of years. They sound better, march better and if you were there to hear that vocal solo, that was pretty special. We have some talented kids on the field in Corry, and it isn't just the athletes, the band is doing a pretty nice job also.

That's all for this week and go Beavers!

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