Kate Slocum

Kate Slocum gets some height with her straddle jump during her floor routine.

Marleigh Martin

Marleigh Martin performs a flyaway dismount to conclude her bars routine.

FRANKLIN — The YMCA of Corry Tumbling Tigers gymnasts flipped their way into spring at the “St. Patty’s Meet,” hosted by the Franklin Starbursts. Also in attendance were the Oil City Tri-Starz.

At level 6, Kate Slocum, Ava Hallberg, and Marleigh Martin were strong once again. Slocum vaulted her way to the top of the podium and was vault champion with an 8.75. She also added her best uneven bar routine of her career with an 8.75 to finish in second. Adding a 7.8 (3rd) on beam and 8.1 (5th) on floor helped her to second in the all-around (33.4).  

Martin was steady the whole day putting up scores of 8.3 (4th) on vault, 7.8 (3rd) on bars, 7.8 (4th) on beam, and second with an 8.5 on floor.  Her all-around score of 32.4 was good for third.  

Hallberg placed second on vault with an 8.6. She added scores of 7.7 (4th) on bars, 7.7 (5th) on beam, and 8.3 (4th) on floor to finish fourth for the all-around (32.3)

Morgan Martin (Xcel Platinum) had personal bests on floor with a 9.0 to top the podium, and on bars with a 7.7. She continued her sweep of the the top step on the podium with a vault of 7.3 and beam performance of 7.5 to total 31.5 for her all-around.

Morgan Poole (level 7) had her best uneven bar routine, scoring a 7.1 (2nd). Poole added scores of 7.9 (2nd) on vault, 5.8 (2nd) on beam, and was the floor champion with an 8.05 to finish second in the all-around with a 28.85.

The Xcel Gold team, comprised of Teryn Bailey, Sophia Hetrick, Callie Breuchy, and Jordan Watrous, had a day filled with personal bests and medals around their necks.  

Bailey was the beam champion with her best beam performance yet (8.75). Bailey added an 8.3 (4th) on vault, 8.3 (2nd) on bars, and an 8.4 (5th) on floor for an all-around score of 33.75 to capture third place.  

Tinslea Bailey

Tinslea Bailey executes a handstand quarter turn dismount at the end of her beam routine.


Hetrick had best scores on bars (7.5, 7th) and beam (7.8, 5th). She also added an 8.25 (6th) on vault and third place score of 8.6 on floor to finish the all-around with a 32.15 (5th).  

Breauchy had scores of 8.3 (5th) on vault, 7.3 on bars (8th), 8.1 (4th) on beam, and 7.7 (8th) on floor to finish in 6th place with an all-around score of 31.4.  

Watrous had her best day on beam with a 7.6. Watrous added scores of 7.9 (8th) on vault, 7.8 (4th) on bars, 7.6 (6th) on beam, and 7.8 (7th) on floor to finish seventh for the all-around with a 31.1.

Ava Martin keeps climbing the ranks at level 5 and swept first place on each event and the all-around, with personal bests on bars (7.2) and beam (8.0).  Adding an 8.4 on vault and 7.6 on floor helped her to an all-around personal best of 31.2.

The Xcel Silver team of Alivia Swan and Kya Humphries saw some milestones attained.  

Swan hit her highs of the season on bars (8.8, 3rd) and was beam champion after performing a fine cartwheel on the 4-inch-wide beam that led to an 8.5 score. Swan added 8.35 (3rd) on vault and 7.4 (6th) on floor for an all-around 33.05 (4th place).  

Humphries attained her first backhand spring in competition on her way to a 7.5 (5th) score. Humphries hit a season best 8.55 (6th) on bars and added an 8.2 (5th) on vault and 7.5 (6th) on beam to finish with an all-around 31.75.  

At level 3, Tinslea Bailey had season highs on floor (7.4, 5th place) and bars (7.3), climbing to fourth place. Bailey added 7.5 (8th) on vault and 7.3 (7th) on beam to finish with a personal best 29.5 for the all-around and a sixth place finish.  

Autumn Jones performs a passé pose on beam.

Autumn Jones performs a passé pose on beam.

At level 2, Autumn Jones had her best bar score (6.2) good for sixth place. Jones added fourth places with an 8.6 on vault, an 8.0 on floor, and a 6.9 (7th) on beam that combined for a 29.7 (7th) for her all-around.  

As gyms continue to open, the Tumbling Tigers look forward to displaying their skills at meets yet to be scheduled through May.

Kya Humphries

Kya Humphries performs a split during her floor routine.



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