Abbey Helmer

Abbey Helmer starts the 200 medley relay in last week’s home swim meet.

HARBORCREEK — Corry gave it a good shot but the boys and girls came up short in Monday’s Region swim meet.

Harbor Creek handed the Beaver boys their second loss 95-83, while the Lady Beavers fell to the Huskies, 94-76.

“We had some very gutsy swims, both teams went down swinging,” claimed coach Doug Gerould. “Harbor Creek scored 10 unanswered points in diving for both genders.

“We needed a few things to go our way to pull off the win, we couldn’t have asked for a better effort from our swimmers from start to finish,” he stated.

Breakout “swimmers of the week” David Anderson and Allison Ahl both won individual events. Captains Kyra Hammond and Nathan Labowski were also victorious in both of their individual events. Jared Labowski was a double winner.

“Our captains have done a good job embracing their leadership roles,” Gerould claimed.

Amanda Fielding’s second-place time in the 500 free was a season best by 12 seconds. Katie Otteni had her best times in the 200 and 500 freestyles.

Marilyn Reed had her best time in the 100 fly.

Corry’s boys, now 5-2, won all but three swimming events. The girls stand 1-6 at the midpoint of the region schedule.

CAHS is at home Thursday at 6 p.m. versus General McLane.

Harbor Creek Boys 95, Corry 83

 200 medley relay: C (J.Labowski, Gerould, Benedict, Graves) 2:04.72; 200 free: Anderson (C) 2:03.09, 3. Benedict; 200 IM: J.Labowski (C) 2:21.49, 3. Graves; 50 free: N.Labowski 24.08, 3. Lesher; 100 butterfly: N.Labowski 1:02.95, 4. Graves; 100 free: 2. Lesher 55.81; 500 free: Anderson 5:21.08, 3. Benedict; 200 free relay: C (Lesher, Buell, N.Labowski, Anderson) 1:39.41; 100 backstroke: J.Labowski 1:02.27; 100 breaststroke: 3. Buell 1;14.76; 400 free relay: H 3:45.64, 2. C 3:48.87.

Harbor Creek Girls 94, Corry 76

 200 medley relay: C (Helmer, Hammond, Ahl, Fielding) 2:15.56; 200 free: 2. Fielding 2:33.56; 200 IM: Ahl (C) 2:34.30, 3. Helmer; 50 free: Hammond 27.83, 4. Espinosa; 100 butterfly: Ahl 1:07.40, 3. Reed; 100 free: 3. Espinosa; 500 free: 2. Fielding 6:34.63, 4. Otteni; 200 free relay: C (Ahl, Helmer, Fielding, Hammond) 1:57.89; 100 back: 3. Reed 1:25.80, 4. Marucci; 100 breast: Hammond 1:20.76, 4. Wagner; 400 free relay: H 4:38.96, 2. C 5:29.43.

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