John Woodard and bowlers

Bowlers watch during Monday night’s action with John Woodard at the left.

Is the local bowling season over?

“Pretty much everyone was saying this is gonna be it and we won’t have a banquet,” said John Woodard Classic League secretary Kevin Williams. “I told them we will wait the two-week period, which, with us bowling Monday night, will only will set us back one week.

“If it gets extended, we will re-evaluate and go from there,” he claimed. “If it does get extended at least one or two more weeks, we will probably just have to go with the standings as they are and crown city-champs from the two halves and distribute the prize money in some way.

“I’m optimistic it will only be the two weeks and we will be back after one week off,” said Williams. “We (the Monday night league) are fortunate that the ban didn’t start until after we bowled, unlike all the other leagues that will miss two weeks.”

Steve Holton at Bowl-Aire Lanes and Dan Bemis at Cutting Lanes will keep bowlers updated.

Righty Corey Northrop.

Righty Corey Northrop.


Dave Wetmore.

Dave Wetmore.

Kevin Willis spins the ball.

Kevin Willis spins the ball.

Making the most of being on the alleys, Tim Klawuhn and Moose Dunnewold surpassed the 700 level in Monday night’s action at Bowl-Aire Lanes. Klawuhn led the way for a 710 series. He threw games of 221, 244 and 245. Dunnewold used a big 279 middle game to finish with a 701 series. Ron Reed smashed games of 254 and 247 for a 724 series in the American League at Cutting Lanes.

Bowl-Aire John Woodard Classic League  

Robert's Furniture 246, Corry Beer Barn 243.  

Tim Klawuhn 221, 244, 245—710; Moose Dunnewold 215, 279, 207—701; Keith Willis 245, 230, 212-687; Kevin Williams 225, 207, 246-678; Nate Kornikoski 222, 212, 233-667; Paul Wojtecki 204, 212, 247-663; Jim Steuart 222, 212, 215-649; Jeff Peters 214, 206, 221-641; Dave McCray 234, 206-635; Dean Johnson 204, 230-623; Gary Zajac 209, 243-620; Nicholas Eck 201, 204, 211-616; Corey Northrop 223, 223-613; Ted Cressley 245-608; Kenny Adams 234-601; Bruce Williams 258-600; Jeff Zajac 200; Pudge Greeley 200; Stan Komenda 216; Bill Moats 202, 203; Dan Migliaccio 213; Brock Cline 229; Jason Kuzma 211; Russ Volk 216; Dick Herberg 214; Dave Wetmore 221; Corey Northrop (R) 216; Brad Swanson 210; Josh Martin 239; John Raines 216; Will McCray 200; Douglas Eck 205; Les Utegg Sr. 224.

Dave McCray.

Dave McCray.

Cutting Lanes Monday Men

French Creek Tavern 36-12, Heil’s 31-17.

Ron Reed 201, 220; Kevin Beckerink 214; Nick Shampoe 210; Adam Newhouse 254-629; Shawn Tyma 206; Sam VanValkenburg 214, 200; Taylor TeCulver 205, 234-613; Bowie Brown 201.

Cutting Lanes Tues. AM Seniors

Split Happens 25-19, Energizers 24-20.

Sharon Utegg 184-469; Sandy Post 171-459; Sharon Lorei 166.

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