Corry's freshmen boys basketball team lost to Warren last Saturday, 54-16.

“At the end of the first quarter we were only down two points (8-6),” said coach Kurtis Fox. “But their press overwhelmed us in the second quarter and we fizzled out."

In a game from last Friday, Corry's eighth-grade team won 47-25 over North East.

"North East is always a fundamentally sound team and they are well coached," said Corry coach Mike Soprano. "But our boys played tough and got off to a great start.

"Trey Redrup had two threes in the first quarter that got us going and Micah Knapp scoredeight in the second quarter. If we keep playing solid team defense and win the rebounds, good things will continue to happen."

Corry's seventh-graders dropped a 44-18 decision to NE.

"We played an undefeated team and played hard the entire game," Soprano noted. "We just need to keep learning the game and keep working on fundamentals.”

Corry’s three home games with Fairview, postponed on Tuesday, will be made up on Jan. 20.

Corry travels to General McLane for three games today.

  9th-grade points: Nathan Gentilman 4, Brendan Zajac 3, Tristen Volk 2, Dalton Jaquith 3, Jacob Nelson 4.

  8th-grade: Trey Redrup 10, Micah Knapp 13, Taylor Willis 6, Lucas Nichols 6, Dylan Reidel 4, Reagan James 4, Skylar Kressler 2, Lucas Saborsky 2.

  7th-grade: Tucker Clark 11, Landon Weis 3, Brandon Arnink 3, Aaron Petrilla 1.

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