These are many of the players from the 2013 Caledonia Cup played in Union City

It was again a very competitive Caledonia Cup played last weekend at Union City Country Club.

Host Union City pulled out a 13 1/2-10 1/2 win over Corry North Hills.

Even the juniors got in action with Corry’s Joey Sonntag and Drew Sorenson, plus Matt Lowther from UC.

It boiled down to the UCCC taking a 4-2 lead after alternate shot, a 3-3 split in the afternoon better ball and a 6 1/2 -5 1/2 advantage in the singles.

Sunday saw many matches going to the 18th hole to be decided.

A highlight for UC was Alan Hosford's tap-in eagle on the par 4 first hole in Saturday’s better ball play, although Dave Janke went on to defeat him 5&4.

This was our 13th annual event with North Hills holding an overall edge 10 1/2-2 1/2. Interestingly, Union City has two wins and one tie in the last three cups played at UCCC.

North Hills remains unbeaten at home.  

The Caledonia Cup honored "Sugar" Ray Brumagin and Kelly Lewis with a moment of silence on Saturday morning. Terry Brumagin, Ray’s son, teamed up with long-time friend Jim Burton to win a point in better-ball play.

Gary Merkle provided beautiful Caledonia Cup divot repair tools to each team.

Union City CC 13.5, North Hills 10.5

AS - all square

Alternate shot (Foursomes)                      

Williams-G.Merkle (NH) AS Dean-McCall

Janke-Parks (NH) AS R.Weed-C.Weed

Prather-Laird (NH) 4&3 Yovich-Costa

Hobson-Horsford (UC) 4&3 Potocki-S.Bailey           

Peters-Warner (UC) 4&2 Sorenson-Sonntag

Mineo/Willison  (UC) 1-up Burton-M.Johnston


Better Ball (Four-ball)

Williams-G.Merkle (NH) 1-up Dean-McCall

R.Weed-C.Weed (UC) 4&3 Janke-M.Merkle

Yovich-Hobson (UC) 2&1 Prather-Johnston

Hobson/Yovich (UC) 2&1 Potocki-Bailey

Sorenson-Sonntag (NH) 5&3 Peters-Warner

Burton-Brumagin (NH) 3&1 Mineo-Willison

Singles results

Costa (UC) 1-up vs. Laird

Kirik (NH) 1-up vs. Warner

Janke (NH) 5&4 vs. Hosford

McCall (UC)4&3 vs. Sommers

Prather (NH) 4&3 vs. Silka

Peters (UC) 2 &1 vs. M.Merkle

C.Weed (UC) 1-up vs. Bailey

Potocki (NH) AS vs. R.Weed

Sonntag (NH) 1-up vs. Lowther

Yovich (UC) 5 & 4 vs. Sorenson

Willison (UC) 4&2 vs. Burton

Johnston (NH) 4&2 vs. Mineo

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