If a proposed realignment of District 10 is approved by a committee on Jan. 21, Corry’s football team is in for some tough competition.

Under the current proposal, Corry would play in Region 6 and no longer face Franklin, Bradford, Grove City or Warren.

Instead, for the next two seasons, the Beavers would face Cathedral Prep, Strong Vincent, Central Tech, Erie East, Fort LeBoeuf and Meadville.

That’s right, Corry and LeBoeuf would play Prep and Vincent.

DuBois joins Region 5, while McDowell leaves D-10 in football to play in the WPIAL.

What does Corry coach Homer DeLattre think of the proposed plan?

“It’s OK, it is what is it, we can't worry about it,” he claimed. “With only one Quad A team and Slippery Rock and Oil City coming into Triple A, it is probably the best way to realign.

“I just hope they take a look at the playoff format, they should take a look at the number of spots for class AA and AAA,” he said. “With Double A down to 14 teams they probably shouldn't get eight participants. Class AAA now with 13 teams should get at least six spots, not just four.”

Will the committee make any changes?

“I think it will stay this way, It looks to be the best way to realign,” DeLattre stated.

Union City’s football field in Region 2 is basically the same as it now stands.

In boys basketball, Corry would be in Class AAA’s Region 7 along with Central Tech, East, Fort LeBoeuf, General McLane, Girard, Harbor Creek and Warren.

In girls basketball, again in Region 7, Corry draws AAA teams Fairview, LeBoeuf, McLane, Harbor Creek, Mercyhurst Prep, North East and Warren.

Most of the other sports remain the same. One change is in girls soccer where Corry would be in a five-school region including powerhouses Villa Maria and Mercyhurst Prep, plus Warren and Bradford.

Boys soccer and wrestling remain virtually the same.

In girls softball, there would be a nine-school Region 7 including McDowell, Vincent and Mercyhurst Prep, plus Harbor Creek, Fort LeBoeuf, Warren, East and Central Tech.

Region 8 in baseball would find just five schools, Corry plus Harbor Creek, LeBoeuf, General McLane and Girard.

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