Wilson named to Pro Tour Hall of Fame for Horseshoe Pitching

North East resident Dennis Wilson was recently named one of seven horseshoe pitchers to be inducted into the Pro Tour Horseshoe Pitchers Hall of Fame. 

Wilson qualified for nomination by pitching and accumulating over 13,000 points while closing in on his 4,000th ringer during a tournament near Reno, Nev., in August. To qualify for a nomination, a pitcher must accumulate 12,000 points.

Wilson has played in the Pro Tour circuit since 2010. The tour originated in 2007.

“The tour has given me an opportunity to see and visit many cities in the last eight years,” Wilson said. 

Some of the locations that Wilson has traveled to include Middlebury, Vt.; Winchester, Va.; Columbia, S.C.; New Orleans, La.; Dallas, Texas; St. George, Utah; Reno, Nev.; Nashville, Tenn.; and Daytona, Fla. 

“One of the novelties of pitching in this circuit is that the Pro Tour only counts ringers and a game is 30 shoes. This makes it a pretty fast game,” Wilson said. “It also gives the circuit the saying, ‘Close now only counts in hand-grenades!’” 

Wilson began pitching horseshoes in 2005 after his children finished their high school sports. 

In 2015, Wilson won a World Championship in the senior men’s division. Following his championship win, in 2015-16 he donated his winnings from horseshoe events to charities. 

The Pro Tour Hall of Fame award was presented in Florence, S.C., before a group of over 200 family, friends and pitchers on Nov. 19, following a two-day Pro National Tournament.

During the Pro National Tournament, Wilson placed fourth falling to the no. 1 seed after tying him twice and losing in the third game. 

The tournament’s first place opponent threw 80 percent, slightly over scoring Wilson’s 70 percent pitching in the ringer games.

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