Fifty-four girls participated in the North East girls basketball camps this summer, hosted by coaches Terry Frontino and Dawn Turiczek.

Five-on-five champs in the third through fifth grade camp were: Mariah Riefstahl, Kaitlyn Sheward, Emma Bement, Anna Malesiewski, Gracie Victory and Cheriden Turiczek.

Three-on-three champs included Malesiewski, Sarah Bahm and Sheward.

Kayli Hughes, Maria Denny and Mariah Riefstahl were the Hot Shot champs and Victory, Denny and Riefstahl won the Lay-up competition.

Marissa Keith and Reifstahl won Dribble Tag and Riefstahl also won the Knock Out award.

Most improved campers were Lillian Frye and Ashley Hughes.

Sixth through ninth grade five-on-five champs included: Rachel Prather, Emma Lewis, Kaylyn Mayes, Jess Eby, Katriel Corwin, Claudia Robinson and Mikaela Yori. Three-on-three champs were: Morgan Fisher, Yori and Carly Zahner. Hot Shot Champions were Julianna Girts, Nicole Pfadt, Chelsey Chwatek and Sarah Close. Mayes, Jordan Skrekla, Yori and Morgan Hammer were named Lay-up champs.

Foul Shot champs included Mayes, Reilee Bradford, Chwatek and Hammer. Zahner won Dribble Tag and Yori and Morgan Fisher were the Knock Out champs.

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