Harborcreek Township Supervisors discussed planning and zoning, finances, parks and administration at last week’s meeting.

John and Theresa Salsbury, owners of 29.6 acres at 7246 McGill Road, requested that a 2.5 acre parcel be split off of the southwest corner of their property to renovate an existing barn into a single family residence.  The area was reviewed on April 1 and found to be compliant. Approval was recommended by Mr. Richard Hall, zoning administrator, and was granted. A request was also made in regards to the signing of Component 1— sewage facilities planning module for a single septic system for John and Theresa Salsbury. The Erie County Department of Health recommended the approval and it was granted.

Jerry Cass, part owner of 44 acres of property along the west side of Backus Road requested a minor subdivision. He specifically requested the utilization of “Option Two” for subdividing the property in an Agricultural Zoning District for special requirements for new lots. He proposes to create three country lots of 80,000 square feet minimum and two lots of approximately 18 acres. All lots shall have restrictions placed within the deeds to prohibit any further subdivision of the lots. The area was reviewed on April 1. Since the idea retains the agricultural integrity and met the minimum requirements for both types of lots, country and homestead, it was recommended for approval. The approval was granted by Chairperson Dean Pepicello who commended the project because it “preserves open space” and went on to express his appreciation for the project stating that “it’s a great thing” for the community and appreciates Cass’s conservation. 

Cass also requested the adoption of Resolution 10-77, a plan revision for new land development. He proposed the development of a parcel of land located on the west side of Backus Road and that the subdivision be served by individual septic systems. The adoption of the resolution was granted.

The supervisors signed the Environmental Service Agreement with Environmental Remediation & Recovery, Inc. for a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment at 4400 East Lake Road, the location of the former Harborcreek Mall, in the amount of $2,200.00.  A Phase 1 assessment would investigate the environmental history of the property.  Joseph Peck, Vice-Chairperson of the board stated that this would “assure potential buyers in the future” and make the area more marketable.   

The Harborcreek Township Bill List was made available and a request to satisfy a streetlight lien was granted for the amount of $95.23.

Robert Bonaccolta of America’s Private Housing & Redevelopment requested the board’s approval in the sale of a property on East Lake Road for $250.00 that is currently in the Erie County Repository. The area was reviewed and although there is some uncertainty as to the potential of the property, the sale of it would place it back on the tax list. If purchased the school district would again receive a percentage of the taxes being paid on the land. The sale of the property was approved.

Three employees will be hired this year as summer help for Whitford Park and one employee will be hired for roads and parks.

Last year the township paid $50,000 to dredge Shades Beach. This year, Harborcreek Township will be able to save a tremendous amount of money by first dredging the beach mechanically themselves then hiring outside help to dredge it hydraulically. After considering three companies it was decided that Lake Shore Towing, Inc. out of Chicago, Illinois would do the job for $9,000. The work was to take place last week and this week and will be completed in time for the opening of the beach on May 1.

A letter was written to Tim Bruno of the Department of Environmental protection regarding Wintergreen Gorge in North Central Erie County. The letter describes the master plan for the sustainability of the area and its management for the conservation of the gorge for the community for educational and recreational purposes.

For information on bike safety, spring leaf pickup, and cleanups in the area, visit the Harborcreek Township website at http://www.harborcreektownship.org/

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