Parents of students attending North East School District now can easily keep an eye on what their kids are spending in the lunchroom and quickly add money to their accounts.

When Robin Hedlund took over as Food Service Director at NESD she was approached by many parents asking if they would ever have the capability to load money into their children’s accounts online and see what they were purchasing.

Implemented just this year, the PayForIt program allows parents to do just that.

PayForIt (PFI), an optional program, is a secure online payment system, which simplifies payment, collection and balancing of funds for school districts.

All students in NESD are issued a personal identification number and they can enter their PIN when purchasing lunch in the cafeteria.

The meal process is automated for both the parents and the students so errors are minimized and the process is standardized. Using PFI, there is no chance of lost lunch money from home to the serving lines.

Parents can make payment by credit card or electronic check 24/7 at their convenience and they can review what their students are actually purchasing along with account balance information.

Hedlund said the program has several features, including an option for parents to receive an email when a student balance dips to a threshold predetermined by them. School messages are automatically emailed to parents and a continuous online survey is provided to monitor parent feedback and ideas.

Parents can manage more than one student account and PFI is PCI compliant and maintains industry standard SSL certificates. This ensures all data is safe and secure as defined by the industry.

PFI charges an internet convenience fee of 4.75 percent to the parent per transaction.

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