Grape Queen and Princesses visit 100th PA Farm Show

Pennsylvania Grape Queen Lydia Beers and Pennsylvania Grape Princesses Sara Szczesny and Tynetta Muhammad represented the state grape industry in Harrisburg at the 100th Pennsylvania Farm Show. 

The milestone occasion serves as a reminder that Pennsylvania agriculture is a rich part of the state’s history and heritage.

Lydia, Sara and Tynetta were privileged to meet Gov. Tom Wolf on the evening of Friday, Jan. 8, at the Blue Ribbon Reception. The kick-off event featured an opportunity to enjoy Pennsylvania produced food and beverages while celebrating the theme of the show: Our Commonwealth’s Blue Ribbon Experience. 

Opening ceremonies were held on Saturday, Jan. 9, with an emphasis on honoring the past through memories of farm shows from years gone by. Wolf entered the arena in a horse-drawn carriage and delivered the opening address. 

A journey of agriculture parade presented agricultural equipment changes of the century by means of an oxcart leading the parade, followed by an assortment of horse-drawn implements utilized through the years, and concluded with farm machinery operated with the newest computer technology.

The PA Farm Show has undergone significant growth since the first farm show began in 1917 as a three-day exhibition held in a three-story implement building within walking distance of the state Capitol. 

It occupied about 10,000 square feet of exhibition space in comparison to 1 million square feet of exhibition space in a 24-acre PA Farm Show Complex and Expo Center for an eight-day show in 2016.

The nation’s largest indoor agricultural exposition incorporates agriculture, technology, education, culture and entertainment into one event.

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