Nine seniors in the Construction Trades class at the Erie County Technical School, recently completed the final and most important project of the school year, the construction of a house. The annual project marks the culmination of three years of instruction and training that touched on all facets of the construction industry.

Under the supervision of instructor Dave Yanosko, who also acted as the customer, the students had to first come up with a concept then determine all the measurements, draw a blueprint and order materials. The actual construction phase included masonry and block work to build the foundation and basic carpentry for floor, wall and roof framing. They also framed in windows and doors and put up drywall and plaster. The 16 x 24 foot house incorporated a conical shaped room which required additional math skills and posed an added degree of technical difficulty.  

Josh Sam from Fort LeBouef High School served as crew foreman. Sam was pleased with the final outcome but acknowledged it was a lot of hard work. “It was a fun and challenging project that helped us apply our construction skills to a real life situation,” said Sam. “When we encountered problems such as the walls being off plumb we worked together to made the necessary adjustments. Mr.Yanosko inspected the building daily and made sure we corrected anything that was substandard.”

With a variety of professional aspirations, this group of ambitious seniors agreed the project helped them tie together everything they learned during their three years in Construction Trades. They also gained a better perspective on the importance of team work, cooperation, paying attention to detail and the importance of safety. They developed a strong work ethic while enjoying the camaraderie of working with students from other schools.

Other seniors builders involved in the project were Ben Timon, Girard High School; Tyler Marsh, General McLane; Kevin McKeen, Northwestern High School; Nick Weaver, Fort LeBoeuf; Mark Wasson, Seneca High School; Evan Helsley, North East High School; and Zachary Schriefer and Nick Leone, McDowell High School.

The final phase of the project was disassembling the home to salvage construction materials that will be used for future construction projects.

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