Elizabeth Rose Way likes to think out of the coffin.  Err…that is, out of the box. 

Way, the author of And I Will Love You from Heaven and Love Every Minute of Moms, says that writing And I Will Love You from Heaven has left its mark on her. 

“It expanded my awareness of the present moment, and it continues to deepen my appreciation of people in everyday life.”

So, when the North East Chamber invited Way to host a table at Common Ground during Sugar Plum Weekend, she started thinking about “more than myself and my books. What might I do to increase the visibility of other Chamber members and businesses?” 

To that end, Way contacted Pat Belfiglio at Fairchild’s Fine Jewelry and Gifts, Tobi Zenker Ahlquist at Blue Heron Inn, and Bill Brooks at Boston Bean Café.

“Fairchild’s and Blue Heron Inn have hosted book signings for me and continue to display and sell my work.  Boston Bean was—most definitely is—a favorite spot to get away and let my brain recoup and doodle, and it has a special place in my heart (and in my book!). I wanted to somehow highlight those three places at the Sugar Plum table.

To that end, while everyone who stops at The WayWord table on Sugar Plum Weekend will walk away with something (freebies for all, Elizabeth says), those who purchase Way’s books will walk away with money-saving coupons to each of the three businesses above, along with a small, WayWord gift from Elizabeth.

Sugar Plum Weekend, sponsored by the North East Area Chamber of Commerce, will take place Saturday and Sunday, December 3-4, with special events, crafters, and artists at locations throughout North East.  Call (814) 725-4262 for further details and information.

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