After reading the article in the NE News Journal, I am appalled at the idea that the cost of this idea to put in sewer and water possibly could surmount the cost of the original home.

People move to the country by choice for a multitude of reasons.  They move to North East because they like the rural setting and in hopes their children will grow up with the love of the country and safe neighborhoods. 

Now North East is telling people they have to be citified? Like Wattsburg shoved the same idea and series of events onto their townspeople?

I say this is a concern for all of the area. 

We do not want city water with all their additives, we do not want sewer lines or costs if our sewers are working, if we did we would probably sell and move elsewhere. I hate it when I go to an area that has city water, surely I would not drink a glass full of their cholrined water.

Leave our country living, as is. Just as we, and so many others chose it to be,  when we  bought our home here.

Why does the borough want to interfere in our life styles? That is the question? It’s probably more then their system can handle anyhow.

Rochelle Lutz

North East

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