North East’s Community Fair is set for September 16-18.

All those who love baking are encouraged to dust off recipes of their favorite chocolate cake, Grandma’s special apple pie, that tasty angel food cake and those brownies that the family loves so much.

Grape season is approaching quickly. For those who want to try their hand at a great grape recipe are invited as well.

Does your family like Pizza? Get creative and experiment with something different for toppings and enter the Sander’s Markets-sponsored pizza contest Thursday night. After all, the reaction of others can tell you if you have a keeper recipe.

How many times have you wanted to try a new recipe out but thought, “but what if my family doesn’t like it?” and you don’t try it. Here’s your chance.

Pick up a North East Community Fair Book and explore all the possibilities of entering the Special Contests and other features of the Fair.

Check out the Fair by coming and seeing all the displays. There are flower arrangements, group exhibits to show you what organizations North East has to offer and handmade creations from local residents.

Learn more about the  needlework that your neighbor likes to do, the crafts, photography, and other talents the Fair features. The Community Fair gives a billboard to promote all facets of North East area living.

Refer to your North East Community Fair book for criteria to enter and win a ribbon or just show off what you like to do.

Admission to the fair is free and the entire community is welcome to visit and enjoy.

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