Has anyone else noticed that the North East School Board is planning on not having a dishwasher in the schools? They are planning on replacing the trays and silverware with Styrofoam and plastic ware.

I thought we were teaching the kids to be Earth-friendly and to be green. We have paper recycle bins and plastic recycle bins in the schools to cut down on what goes into the landfills.

It seems that with this budget change, we are taking a giant step in reverse. Plus if the school can’t be an example on recycling, what makes us believe our students will recycle if they don’t have a good role model from the schools?

Also, is it safe to have plastic ware in mouths of small children? What if a tine breaks off and gets lodged in a child’s throat? Wouldn’t this be a liability we are unable to handle?

Set a better example, school board, and stay on the course of being green.

Bonnie Rearick

North East

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