The Lake Shore Railway Museum is situated next to two very active railroad mainlines and close to three regional railroads.

It is located near General Electric, the only remaining locomotive manufacturing facility in the United Sates.

It also offers a noteworthy collection of GE locomotive history with volunteers that often worked there, and it sits near the historic birthplaces of the geared steam locomotive industry.

“There is not another railroad museum in the United States that can say all of that,” said Ray Grabowski, president of Lake Shore Railway Historical Society.

“Fewer than 10 percent of US railroad museums have an active railroad close enough to the front door for a guest to see an actual train during their visit,” Grabowski added, emphasizing the museum’s unique aspects.

These ties to railway history help the members of the Lake Shore Railway Historical Society (LSRHS) in their mission to preserve the history and memory of railroading.

Founded in 1956, LSRHS is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors that meets monthly as it strives to preserve appropriate railroad and transportation artifacts of local, regional and/or industrial significance.

Members of LSRHS participate in many projects, activities and events. According to the LSRHS mission statement, “Volunteers undertake maintenance and restoration of equipment and displays, conduct classes, give tours, present lectures and host social events and meetings.” Public participation is always promoted.

LSRHS offers free monthly public programs that feature railway themed films, slide shows and guest speakers. Additionally, area, regional and national excursions are sometimes organized, as well as trips to railroad themed places.

Operations are funded through donations, gift shop revenue, memberships, special events and fundraisers.

The mission statement for LSRHS also states, “The LSRHS Museum complex is a neighborhood revitalization anchor for its section of North East Borough and provides a safe and open area for viewing mainline railroad operations.”

Visitors to the museum will find historic locomotives and rolling stock, as well as many other artifacts and equipment important to America’s railroading heritage.

Gift shop browsers will find fun railroading merchandise and memorabilia including hats, postcards, train figurines and more. Gift shop revenue helps fund operations.

Adults and children alike can enjoy a fun, as well as educational, visit to the Lake Shore Railway Museum, Open Wednesday through Sunday, 12 to 4 p.m. through Labor Day. After Labor Day, it’s open on weekends only from 12 to 4 p.m..

Some notable events take place at the museum during Wine Fest weekend at the end of September and Christmas at the Station held the two weekends immediately following Thanksgiving.

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