Reminder: 4 NINE Thrift Store has LIHEAP applications to help you get help with your fuel bills and Healthnet applications for very low cost medical, dental, and vision care.

Erie Free Taxes will be offering free tax preparation at the 4 NINE Thrift Store this year. Don’t pay to have your taxes filed. Erie Free Taxes will file your income tax for free if you have a household income of less than $42,000. This will save you $100 in preparation fees.  They will also help you claim the Earned Income Tax Credit.

The Earned Income Tax Credit means that if you are a working person and make less than $75,000 you may receive a tax deduction of $400 for 2009 – 2010. A couple making less than $150,000 can get a tax break of $800. These tax breaks are possible because of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. If your family income isn’t enough for you to owe taxes, you can receive a child tax credit of up to $1000. You must file a return to receive it.

First time home buyers in 2009 can receive up to $8,000 if they earn less than $75,000 individually or $150,000 for a couple.

Erie Free Taxes files all forms electronically which means your money should be in your account within a week. This means you can avoid the fees of Refund Anticipation Loans offered by free tax sites which charge a percentage of your return and are very expensive.

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