Spring - it’s that time of year to clear our township roads and ditches of litter that has accumulated over the winter.

You’ll find the usual assortment of beer cans, pop bottles and junk food wrappers. These are disheartening to see. Judging by the amount of litter, there are lots of people who drink alcohol or have pop and chips for a snack while in a vehicle.

They throw their refuse out the window where it will roll around on the road or end up in the ditch. They must not care about their own health and that of the natural world surrounding us.

Those of us who live near the border of Greenfield, North East and Harborcreek Townships are especially unlucky to be the dumpsite for someone who loves cats but not the environment.

Dozens of bags of used kitty litter and empty cat food cans, along with clothing and pillows stained with brown liquid most likely to be kitty diarrhea, can be found in many of our ditches.

I have seen these bags on Townline, Dougan, Mooreheadville, Palmer and Rohl Roads. I don’t know the answer to stopping this particularly disgusting type of littering.

I just wish that this person who feeds and cleans up after cats would dispose of their related trash in a safe and lawful manner.

Sue Murawski

Greenfield Township

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