It’s time for DE day. That means Democracy for the Environment. It means that people need to take back their rights for clean air and water, in the context of an environment that is acknowledged as critical for human existence.

It means that people in their respective communities stand up for their right to the simple things as clean air and drinkable water, against industrial interests, as in the case of local gas drilling. The citizens of Pennsylvania are under siege from the out of control intrusion of gas drilling companies using fracking to enhance production. This same fracking threatens our water, air and even the sanctity of our homes. This sanctity was compromised locally in Bradford with a series of house fires near drilling sites, caused by migrating methane.

The DEP can’t protect us, and the present government in power seems to have introduced and enacted legislation that gives greater latitude toward gas drilling companies, leaving the people of Pennsylvania powerless, tax paying, pawns lost in an Industrial, Political frenzy for money.

The new head of the New York Department of Environmental Conservation “believes that gas drilling is the most daunting environmental issue of the last 40 years.” This said, even though New York is under a drilling moratorium. Gas drilling using fracking needs to be examined closely and stopped locally until all the environmental questions are answered. Find out about fract drilling, read, sign our petitions and attend the free showing of “Gasland.” Get involved; help out those of us who feel strongly about the rights of the individual. They’re your rights, too.

Our water, our rights.

S. Griffin

North East

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