New owners find their ‘stitch’ at Calico Patch Quilt Shop

“We came in for fabric and left with the whole store,” said Calico Patch Quilt Shop owner Mercedes Henning.  

Henning, along with her husband Greg, purchased the Calico Patch in September 2016. The store reopened on Feb. 4.

“I like to tell people that there are new faces with the same cheerful attitude, and always changing fabrics,” said Karen McPoyle, manager of the Calico Patch. “We just gave the store a minor face lift.”

Casey Krein redesigned the logo, Jeff and Scott Beardsley helped build a wall for retail space and Dave Thornton maintained the building for the new owners and community support welcomed the Calico Patch back with open arms. 

The Calico Patch stocks its shelves with high quality fabrics, in every color of the rainbow and a multitude of patterns. Books, patterns and sewing tools are some of the other items available at the Calico Patch. New inventory is added weekly.

“Quilting used to be a necessity for people to repurpose old materials or to preserve fabrics,” said Henning. “Now, quilting is an art form and a way for people to express themselves.”

Henning and her husband are both social studies teachers at North East High School. Their new creative outlet gives them a chance to teach in alternative ways. 

“Owning the Calico Patch is an opportunity to continue a legacy of teaching,” said Henning. “A teacher needs to be creative and find new outlets to reach the students. We need to find a way to connect the past to the present and the future. Being creative is necessary, but not difficult.”

The Calico Patch is holding its first quilting class on April 13. The class meets once a week for four weeks. There is time between each class for students to “do their homework.” There are classes designed for skill level.  

“We hope to retain our previous customers, while inspiring a new generation of crafters,” said McPoyle. “Quilting is not a gender specific craft. We have fabric that will appeal to everyone.”

If you are new to sewing or need a place to work, the Calico Patch offers Open Sew hours on Monday and Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Be sure to bring your own sewing machine. 

To register for classes, stop by the Calico Patch at 107 Clay St. in North East. 

For more information, visit the Calico Patch Quilt Shop’s Facebook page or website at

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