Spring is on the way…and so is Cocoa Mulch!

Let’s face it: winter has been tough on us this year! It’s great to know that spring is on the way! A sure sign of warmer weather are the truckloads of cocoa mulch that will arrive soon in North East! Community Nursing Services of North East will once again present their popular Cocoa Mulch Sale this month.

Orders are accepted three easy ways: via the Cocoa Mulch Hotline at 814-572-3643; email your order to mulch@northeastnurses.com; or order from the CNSNE website  at www.northeastnurses.com.

During the spring of 2010, CNS sold nearly 2,000 bags of cocoa mulch, with profits being used to benefit the agency’s programs.

Why Cocoa Mulch?

Cocoa Mulch is an excellent choice for your springtime garden projects. The mulch features the outer shell of the cocoa bean and provides many benefits for your soil:

• Good for your garden. Cocoa mulch contains protein, which helps in decomposition and stimulates beneficial soil bacteria. It also contains nitrogen, phosphate and potash.

• No need for additional fertilizers, and the slow release of nutrients will not burn delicate plants.

• Goodbye weeds! Application of cocoa mulch helps reduce weed growth.

• Delicious smell! The dark brown color absorbs the heat of the sun and will emit a mild chocolate odor.

• Goodbye pests! Cocoa mulch does not attract wood-boring insects.

• Conserves water. Cocoa mulch admits and retains water and never becomes soggy.

• No dust! Cocoa mulch goes through a sifting process, which reduces dust, increasing the volume of cocoa shells.

CNSNE will sell the mulch for $7 per 2-cubic-foot bag. Mulch will be sold on a pre-order basis only.

Orders must be made by Friday, April 15, at 4:30 p.m. Payment is requested at the time of your order.

Bags of mulch will be available for pick-up at Arrowhead Winery/Mobilia Fruit Farm, 12073 East Main Road, Route 20, North East, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays, April 30 and May 7.

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