Roar on the Shore sets new parade route

Roar on the Shore is headed for the first time to the Lake Erie Speedway this year, and the annual Bringin’ in the Roar parade will be held on July 18. A detailed parade route was recently announced. For more information, visit 

Roar on the Shore is just under one month away and officials have announced the route for the updated Bringin’ in the Roar parade. 

Roar on the Shore, now in its 12th year, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise charitable funds for other nonprofits. Since its inception, Roar on the Shore has raised more than $940,000. 

New this year, the event will be held at Lake Erie Speedway. 

The Bringin’ on the Roar parade will start at Presque Isle Downs & Casino and participating motorcyclists will travel through Erie County to the speedway.

From the casino, bikers will head south on Route 97 and then take a right onto Townhall Road. They will then turn left on Shunpike Road and take a right at Lee Road. Next, they will head right on Old French Road for the annual stop at Robinson Road. 

At this point, they will travel right on Arbuckle Road and then another right onto Lake Pleasant Road to Arbuckle Road. Bikers will then take a left onto Route 8 and travel up to Station Road. A right on Williams Road and another right on Townline Road will lead the parade to Route 89 and the entrance to Lake Erie Speedway. 

Ralph Pontillo, the executive director of Roar on the Shore, said he and other organizers studied three potential routes before selecting this one. 

“Our parade route has to be approved by the Pennsylvania State Police, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and each municipality we travel through,” he explained. “We analyzed a few routes and this is the one everyone signed off on.

“It is a beautiful route,” Pontillo added. “There is space for plenty of spectators all along the way.”

Chief of the North East Fire Department Dave Meehl said local first responders have reviewed the route and urge everyone to travel safely.

“We are all working on a game plan,” Meehl said. “The most important aspect is that all bikers stay in their lane.”

Roar on the Shore is slated for July 17 through 21. The Bringin’ in the Roar parade will be held Thursday, June 18, with a 6 p.m. departure time. 

Kim Coates from the hit television series “Sons of Anarchy” will serve as the parade’s grand marshal. 

Pontillo added that the parade usually draws a crowd of 5,000 to 6,000 bikes. 

“We’re estimating it will take anywhere from an hour and a half to an hour and 45 minutes for the parade to reach Lake Erie Speedway,” he said. 

Meehl urged local residents looking to avoid the parade route traffic should be careful when traveling on side streets.

“Just be cautious,” he said. “Take your time and be patient.” 

Meehl added that when the parade was through Erie, bikers didn’t have to worry about wildlife, but now everyone on the roads should be on the lookout for deer and other creatures.

“The noise and traffic could move the wildlife around,” he said. “Keep an eye out for deer.” 

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