North East Borough Council adopted a property maintenance standard ordinance during a meeting on May 6. 

“This will help buttress our code enforcement,” said Council President Dave Hall. 

North East Borough Manager Patrick Gehrlein said the borough has been working on this updated code enforcement ordinance for some time. 

“This is really going one step further than what we utilized before,” he said. “Before, we would issue nuisance violations for unregistered cars, high grass, etc. Now, we are taking into the account the overall condition of the home. We want to make sure the structures are sound.”

Gehrlein said code enforcement officers will now be looking at properties’ siding, roofing, porches, sidewalks and more. 

“The goal is to make sure everyone is taking care of their homes properly,” Gehrlein said. 

According to the new ordinance, when a resident is issued a notice of violation, they have five days to correct the issue. 

“Residents have five days to correct the violation, but we realize some projects may take longer,” Gehrlein said. “We’ll be flexible. If it’s a roofing or sidewalk problem, as long as they are making appropriate accommodations within five days, that’s OK.

If no action is taking to correct the problem, a $25 fine will be issued and the resident will have another five days. After the following five days, a $50 fine will be issued. After the third notice, and a $75 fine, we’ll take it to the district judge.”

Copies of the property maintenance ordinance are available at the borough office, 31 W. Main St. 

A motion to approve the ordinance was made by Council Vice President Denise McCumber and seconded by Councilwoman Debra Wurst. It passed unanimously. 

In other borough news, Council approved the purchase of a used dump truck for the water department. 

The truck cost $25,000. 

“The vehicle has been checked out by our borough mechanic who found it to be sound,” Gehrlein said. “I feel it’s a good deal on a used truck that will serve us well.”

A motion to approve the purchase was made by Councilman Mike Satterthwaite and seconded by Wurst. It passed unanimously.  

Four bids were opened for an improvement project on Bothel and Liberty streets. 

“This is a CDBG funded project,” Gehrlein said. 

Council will meet again on Monday, May 20, at 7 p.m.

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