Memories of Corry days gone by

Corry resident Ray Boutwell shares the above photo with Journal readers. The picture features several members of Boutwell’s family, who are gathered here for a Concord Township reunion. The date of the photo is unknown, however, Boutwell believes it may have been sometime in the early 1900s. In the first row, from left, are Bruce McCray, Edith Stearns Livinspire, Margaret McCray Burrows, Louise Boutwell Thacker, Marie McCray Sexton and Clara McCray Lewis. In the second row are Bertha McCray, Clara McCray, May McCray, Olive (last name not known), Elva McCray, Lewis Stearns, Lucy McCray, Ethlyn McCray, Ezma (last name not known), Emily McCray McElroy and Jennie Stowe. In the third row are unknown, Holt McCray, Joe McCray, Chap McCray, Cass McCray, Orilla McCray Boutwell, Minnie Stearns, baby Kenneth, Florence (last name not known), Lizzie Bates Boutwell and Zoe Boutwell. In the back row are Dana McCray, Percie McCray, William Newton, Eva Stowe, George Stowe, Jennie McCray, Wells McCray and Merle Boutwell.

Good memories are like warm sunshine. They brighten your day and warm your heart and soul. Your hometown newspaper will bring you good ol' memories of good ol' days to bring sunshine to your life. Look for those good ol' memories every week in the Journal. Write us and tell us what Kodak moments you’d like to revive. Stop in with your photos. It takes 10 minutes to electronically scan them, and you and your friends can look for them in the paper.

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