Joseph P. Pratt, 32

Corry City Police have an arrest warrant for Joseph P. Pratt, 32, of Jamestown, New York, who is accused of taking more than $1,600 worth of items from Walmart in late December.

The city of Corry Police Department has issued an arrest warrant for a man who allegedly stole more than $1,600 worth of merchandise from a local store in late December.

On Tuesday afternoon, Corry City Police announced they have an arrest warrant for Joseph P. Pratt, 32, who is wanted for a felony retail theft that occurred at Walmart, 961 E. Columbus Ave., Corry, at about 12:25 a.m. on Dec. 28.

Pratt's residency is listed as Jamestown, New York, according to online court records.

In a news release, police said Pratt grabbed a red tote bag off a Walmart shelf and placed it into a shopping cart. He proceeded to select several items from electronics and housewares and then placed them in the tote.

Pratt then placed a call on his cellphone and exited the store using an emergency exit near the lawn and garden section with the red tote and items inside shortly after making the phone call.

A car driven by Lindsey M. Pulliam, 29, picked him up outside near the emergency exit and they drove away, according to police. The total value of the items stolen was $1,632.11.

Pratt and Pulliam were identified from photographs posted on the city of Corry Police Department's Facebook page.

Pratt faces two third-degree felony counts of retail theft and a summary count of defiant trespass. Police are currently seeking information on his whereabouts.

Pulliam, whose residency is listed as Cherry Creek, New York, according to online court records, turned herself in on Friday, Jan. 10. She was arraigned before District Judge Denise Buell and released on $5,000 unsecured bond.

She was charged with an ungraded count of retail theft and will answer to the charge at her preliminary hearing at 2 p.m. on Feb. 25.

In an unrelated incident, Corry City Police announced on Tuesday that they have issued arrest warrants for two other New York residents accused of stealing from the Corry Walmart.

Police said Diana Bloom, 53, and Daniel Harding, 40, both of Jamestown, New York, entered the store at midnight on Dec. 18 and, between the two of them, placed $1,206.12 worth of merchandise in a shopping cart and left without paying.

They then left Walmart through a fire exit door and had a car waiting for them to drive off with the stolen items, according to police.

Bloom and Harding have each been charged with felony counts of retail theft and receiving stolen property. Walmart staff assisted with the police investigation by identifying the suspects from information supplied by a nearby store.  

"They got the information of who they were from the Warren Walmart where they were caught stealing, and they were able to identify them," said patrolman Richard Bayhurst, who is the investigating police officer. "So with that, they were able to give me the information, and I was able to reference that with pictures from Jamestown/Chautauqua and able to charge on that."

Bayhurst said the incident at the Walmart in Warren occurred sometime in 2019, but he's not sure exactly when.

Harding is already in jail for an unrelated incident and an arrest warrant has been issued for Bloom.

"The male is already incarcerated on another incident, so a detainment was placed on him. He’ll be arraigned whenever he's done with whatever got him in jail," Bayhurst said.

The Warren County Sheriff's Office notified Corry City Police that they had Bloom in custody, according to a news release sent out this morning. The sheriff's office arraigned her on a retail theft charge in Warren County and then held her on the arrest warrant from Corry City Police.

Bloom was transported from the Warren County Jail to District Judge Denise Buell's office for arraignment. Bloom's bail was set at $5,000 and she was taken to Erie County Prison by a constable.

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