Staff members at Ploss Auction in Corry, 234 W. Washington St., have been preparing their facility for a couple of weeks now for a large auction taking place Thursday at 3 p.m.

The Hagen History Center, 356 W. Sixth St., Erie, has hundreds of items to go up for auction, as those items have been deaccessioned, the process by which the items are deemed outside the scope of the collection parameters or, they are duplicates and/or not relevant to Erie.

According to the Erie Area Historical Society, which operates The Hagen History Center, the decision to deaccession items is up to the museum’s curator, executive director and chairperson of the Collections Committee of the board of directors.

Smaller museums around the region are contacted to gauge interest in the items, which are then donated if any of the museums wish.

The remaining items will be up for auction on Thursday at Ploss Auction.

Owner and auctioneer Larry Ploss said several truckloads have been brought down from Erie and he and the staff have been getting everything in their warehouse ready.

“It’s going to be an interesting auction,” Ploss said. “There are a lot of antiques, collectibles, some Victorian furniture, Empire furniture and a lot of unique items.”

He added one item in particular is a large brass bell.

Ploss said many items are considered “project” items that need to be painted or restored in some fashion.

Attendees at the auction must either stand or bring their own seats. People are also asked to wear a mask. 

Ploss, who has been an auctioneer for 30 years, said there are many very good auctioneers in the region, but attributes the demand for his skills to being known as a specialty auctioneer.

Along with auctioning the usual estate sales, Ploss said, he specializes in different things, including his New Year’s Day auction, which he’s been holding for 12 years. 

The event, which he has become well known for, is a special auction of some higher-end items. 

One example he gave was of a Kentucky long rifle, from the 1780s, that sold for about $10,000.

He’s also auctioned a Steinway baby grand piano for $4,500, and other items from the Erie Art Museum as well as other museums in the area.

Items will be sold to the highest bidder.

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