Some members of the TEAMS program

Some members of the middle- and high-school TEAMS program with their awards. The middle school team received first place at its competition March 7, while the high school team placed third in the state. From left are Christopher Lytle, Jacob Clabbatz, Gabriel Baran, Emily Eiss, Cole Redrup, Nathan Trask and James Goodsel.

Two groups of students at Corry Area Middle-High School placed well at an engineering competition in Edinboro.

The groups competed at the TEAMS (tests of engineering aptitude, math and science) matches for the first time as members of the middle- and high-school. The two groups were overseen by Katie Goodwill, gifted coordinator.

Middle school students included Gabriel Baran, Matthew Lytle, Kurtis Martin, Jacob Clabbatz and Christopher Lytle.

High school students included Emily Eiss, James Goodsel, Cole Redrup and Nathan Trask.

TEAMS is an annual competition that involves multiple choice questions and essays that center around engineering. Students work collaboratively to solve real-world engineering challenges while applying math and science skills in creative ways.

The theme this year was “Engineering Tomorrow’s Cities.”

Middle schools across the region competed at Intermediate Unit No. 5 in Edinboro. High schools competed at McLane Church, also in Edinboro.

Honors awarded to the middle school TEAMS group, Goodwill said, for the multiple choice portion include: first place at the on-site competition; first place for the state division ranking; sixth place in the state ranking; first place in the national division ranking; and 15th place for the overall national ranking.

Honors for the high school group in the multiple choice portion include: third place for the overall state ranking; fourth place in the national division ranking; and first place in the state divisional ranking.

“I think we were all surprised how well the TEAMS groups did,” Goodwill said. “We weren’t sure what to expect coming into the competition, but the students came away with a lot of honors.”

Eiss said she also was surprised to see how well she and her fellow members did at the competition.

“It was a shock,” Eiss said. “It was a shock to see how we did. It was exciting.”

Members of both teams received plaques for their effort. Goodwill said it’s likely students in both groups will compete again next year.

“It was a great effort,” she said. “There was a group last year, but this was the first time we went out and competed.”

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