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A man who fired off a single gun shot on Friday night outside a Corry bar is still on the run and is facing five charges, including one felony.

Thomas E. Beebe II, 25, was standing outside near the front entrance of Tamarack Tavern, 136 N. Center St., at about 11:28 p.m. when he allegedly pointed a handgun under his chin and fired the gun, according to a report from the City of Corry Police Department. 

Beebe had been arguing with a 25-year-old female outside of the bar prior to the shot.

Upon investigation by city police, Beebe went to the bar to confront his ex-girlfriend, who was inside. The girlfriend left the bar with Beebe to have a conversation outside the front door.

Once the couple were outside, Beebe wanted the female to leave with him, but she refused. Beebe responded by threatening to beat her up.

The female still refused to leave and Beebe then pulled out a black semi-automatic hand gun and told the female if she did not leave with him, Beebe was going to kill himself, according to the report.

Beebe then put the gun under his chin and fired, but police do not know if he actually shot himself or not. Beebe threw down the gun and picked it back up before running off. 

Officers at the scene attempted to locate Beebe, but were not able to find him. 

Shells from the gun, which was a .38 caliber, were found at the scene, along with a piece of the gun. 

Police have filed charges and a warrant has been issued for Beebe's arrest. Charges are two counts of terroristic threats, one of which is a third-degree felony and one is a third-degree misdemeanor; recklessly endangering another person, a second-degree misdemeanor; harassment, a summary offense; and discharging a firearm within the city limits, a summary offense. 

Anyone with information on Beebe's whereabouts is asked to contact the city police department at 664-2222.

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