SPARTANSBURG — Things started to get out of hand at Spartansburg Borough Council’s meeting Tuesday night — until council President Bob Hopkins put his foot down.

During the February meeting, council had discussed the order of snow-plow drivers. One of the drivers — Allan Fisher — is a brother of Councilman Terry Fisher, who wanted to move Allen Fisher from the third driver to be called to the second driver. Rick Johnson is the main driver, and Chuck Gilbert is the second driver.

All three drivers attended Tuesday’s meeting to get more information.

Johnson asked council how much snow should be removed in front of the stores. Council said the way the snow is being plowed now is working fine.

Council members Nathan Blakeslee, Terry Fisher, and Susie Bleicher said the snow removal has been very satisfactory.

“It’s working good,” Terry Fisher said. “People have complimented us.”

Blakeslee said his street is plowed the best it’s ever been plowed, and Bleicher said she’s heard a lot of compliments from people about how good the plowing has been.

But Gilbert and Allan Fisher thought council was being negative toward them, and they became defensive. Gilbert asked if “anyone had a problem with him,” and Allan Fisher said that he had been “bad-mouthed.”

Before things got out of hand, Hopkins called an executive session for personnel.

When the meeting resumed, Hopkins said council had made a decision on the snow plowing.

“Rick Johnson is our man,” Hopkins said. “He calls who he sees fit to get the job done.”

Councilman Dick Dean, who oversees the streets department, was not at Tuesday’s meeting. According to the minutes from the January meeting, Dean was contacted about the snow plowing. He confirmed that Johnson is the first driver, Gilbert is the second, and Allan Fisher is the third driver.

Johnson asked council about the regulations for shoveling sidewalks because, he said, Ben Byler is not keeping the sidewalk cleared of snow in front of Ashley’s Pub on Main Street. Johnson was concerned about a possible lawsuit if someone falls.

Hopkins said the borough would not be sued because Byler is in violation, not the borough.

“We have an ordinance that states people are supposed to keep their sidewalks plowed in front of their residences,” Hopkins said.

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