Grant money

Corry and Columbus residents will see a Corry Regional Fire Co. fundraising mailer arriving in mailboxes this week.

Corry Fire Chief Jim Lathrop said this is the first mailing of the Corry Regional Fire Co., volunteer arm of the Corry Fire Department, as a new organization.

A merger between the Stanford Hose Co. and Columbus Volunteer Fire Department in September 2019 brought the two volunteer fire companies together under one name, Corry Regional Fire Co.

"This money goes back to the Corry Regional Fire Co. It's the volunteer side of the Corry Fire Department," Lathrop said. "This helps them with equipment purchases, and it could be anything from turnout gear to protect the firefighters to EMS gloves that they wear on EMS calls."

Funds also go toward things such as purchasing rescue equipment and replacing aging equipment.

"Also, now, on the Columbus end, they have bills — they are a business. They have water bills, heating bills all those wonderful bills that go along with owning a building," Lathrop said.

Donating residents are encouraged to mail contributions, but anyone who prefers to drop off donations can put contributions in an envelope marked for the Corry Regional Fire Co. and use the mail slot on the front of City Hall, 100 S. Center St. 

Donations can also be dropped off at Corry Fire Department's Station 1, at 20 E. South St. While the main building remains locked, there is a red metal mailbox in its entryway with a padlock on it so donations will be received safely.

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