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A long list of business items and a few personnel matters were approved during a regular meeting of Corry Area School Board members on Monday, June 22.

At the beginning of the meeting, which was livestreamed online since Erie County was still in the yellow phase at the time, Board President Dr. Doris Gernovich disclosed there was an executive session earlier that evening for "discussion of personnel before this meeting."

Shortly thereafter, Gernovich corrected her prior disclosure of the executive session.

"I have a correction to make. I announced that we had an executive session and I should have gone further with that. There were two personnel items that we discussed and a third one and a consultative report from our solicitor for the executive session," she said.

Gernovich then added, "We also had an executive session for the same reasons, a consultation report from our solicitor and that was on June 15."

While going over a list checks to approve, board member Joe Frisina requested an executive session.

Following the mid-meeting session, Gernovich said, "I'd like to announce we had a short executive session which was financial in question and we also had our report  once again from our solicitor on the financial question."

The board then took a vote for the approval of the checks and it passed 7-1 with Frisina casting the lone "no" vote.

Board members approved a final budget resolution with no tax increase and a fund balance resolution for the 2020-21 school year.

The board approved a homestead and farmstead exclusion resolution that authorizes real estate tax assessment reductions for the the 2020-21 school year beginning July 1 under the provisions of the Homestead Property Exclusion Program Act and the Taxpayer Relief Act.

There are 3,031 approved homesteads within the school district and 102 approved farmsteads.

A total of $526,531.32 in state gaming funds will give those property owners a break in accordance with the homestead/farmstead act. The money will be divided among those owners/occupiers and the real estate tax reduction amount for each approved parcel is $169.75.

Board members approved the sale of three parcels from the Erie County repository for unsold properties by a 6-2 vote. The three requests were from the Erie County Tax Claim Bureau to approve the sale of properties commonly known as and identified in the assessment records of Erie County as the following:

. Index Number 07-025-052.0-007.00 E/S Scott St TR 50 110X126.

. Index Number 07-025-052.0-003.00 W/S Warren St TR 51 160X126.

. Index Number 07-025-052.0-008.00 Scott St TR 50 110X126.

All three offers were made by Michael A. Tebalt. The first offer was for the sum of $260 and the last two were for $265 each.

In his repository letter of intent, Tebalt listed his intention for all three properties is to develop the parcel so a residence can be built or placed on the property.

Frisina and Joel Cook voted not to approve the sales.

"We're not consistent," Frisina said while casting his "no" vote.

The board then approved the sale of a parcel from the Warren County repository for unsold properties by a 7-1 vote. The request was from the Warren County Tax Claim Bureau to approve the sale of Tax Parcel #CY-003-592600-001 and the offer was made by Robert Brown in the amount of $700.

Frisina was the lone "no" vote.

The board also approved the following business items:

. A July 15 check run to be reviewed by the treasurer.

. A maintenance agreement with U&S Services Inc. (previously SmartEdge) effective July 1 through June 20, 2025.

. A request to sell old middle-high school cafeteria furniture through either public auction or MUNICIBID.

. A bid award of a 2007 Chevy 10-passenger van to Sheila Walton at a bid of $1,100.

Under new business, Gernovich was elected to serve as the Corry Area School District board representative to the Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit board of directors for the term beginning July 1 and ending June 30, 2023.

Board members also approved the following new business items:

. An affiliation agreement with Point Park University for the purpose of student teaching. The term of agreement is five years from the date of execution.

. An articulation agreement with Precision Manufacturing Institute.

. The resignation of Gail A. Swank, Corry Area Intermediate School principal, for the purpose of retirement, effective June 30, 2021.

In an addendum to the meeting's agenda, the board unanimously approved the district's athletic health and safety plan. 

The selection of HRLC Architects LLC as the architectural firm to provide a districtwide feasibility study was also approved.

The appointment of Michael Daniels as athletic director at a supplemental annual salary of $15,000 and the transition of Andrew Passinger from a 10-month to a 12-month employee at a salary of $89,000 were approved. Both are effective July 1.

In addition to Gernovich, Frisina and Cook, board members in attendance at the meeting were Amanda Cox, Bill Nichols, Mandi Johnson, Jon Maker and Amy Allen.

Deborah Wood was absent from the meeting.

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