Downtown Corry

Downtown Corry will be part of a future survey — the first step in Impact Corry's efforts to explore a historical designation for the city. This photo was taken on top of the Corry Hi-Ed Building, 221 N. Center St., looking south.


Seven stores in the Downtown Corry Business Association have extended store hours on Fridays until 7 p.m.

Alice Muir, owner of The Purple Peacock and member of the Downtown Corry Business Association announced the news via Facebook on Monday.

“We are listening to you. Downtown Corry is now open Friday nights,” the post said. “Every Friday night, many shops and restaurants will be open until at least 7 p.m.”

Muir said the reason for the change was to allow more people to enjoy what the area has to offer.

“The main reason we extended the Friday hours is because a lot of people work during the day and don’t really have a chance to shop in downtown Corry,” Muir said. “I’m hoping to see an uptick in business. A lot of people said that they would like to see longer hours, so hopefully this helps everyone get to us.”

Not every business and restaurant in the association extended Friday hours, but most did, according to Muir.

Businesses participating in extended Friday hours are Pipit’s, Whistle Stop, Little Annie’s, The White Butterfly, The Purple Peacock, The Painted Finch and Epiphany’s Emporium. Augie’s Pizza and Willa’s Pizzeria are also members of the association, but have already been operating late on Friday.

According to the its mission statement, the Downtown Corry Business Association was formed to bring downtown businesses together to create events and activities that would encourage economic growth in the area.

In addition to extending Friday hours, the Downtown Corry Business Association also organizes First Fridays, which attracts crowds of people to the area.

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