Fire Department News
Along with the July monthly fire report from the Corry Fire Department was a monthly Corry Code Compliance report. 
Corry Fire Department Chief Jim Lathrop and Deputy Fire Chief Chris Lyon are also the chief and deputy chief code enforcement officers.
The report has a new category this month, and that is 're-inspections performed,' to list the amount of time code compliance officers have to reinspect a premises.
Those are all follow-ups from issues and complaints that were received from previous months, Lathrop said.
The re-inspections involve going to the properties and completing any paperwork to document what was found upon re-inspection, Lathrop said.
Pictures taken of premises are included in documentations, which have come in handy, Deputy Code Enforcement Officer Chris Lyon said.
Recently, Lyon had to take picture documentation as evidence for a case that went to court.
There were 23 code compliance complaints received and 20 violation notices were issued. 
Five quality of life tickets were issued for code compliance violations. The ticket is similar to a parking ticket and can be written for any property maintenance code violation such as high grass, accumulation of trash in a yard and and exterior placement of indoor appliances, furniture and electronics, to name a few.
There was one citation issued for problems that were not taken care of even after several quality of life tickets were written. A citation comes with a $250 fine and is taken care of through the district judge.
Including instances such as bank or other business owned residences and privately owned residences, nine notification letters were sent because of code violations found with attempts at phone contact unsuccessful.
There were 16 high grass notifications where only warnings were issued and the grass was mowed within seven days.
With the removal of two properties from the condemned list due to correction of issues and the removal of eight properties due to demolition, six properties remain on the list of condemned properties in Corry.
There were a total of 108 fire calls for the month, 29 were fire calls and 80 were EMS.
Three fire incidents were actual fires, five were hazardous condition (no fire), which means there could have been a chemical spill such as gas or oil, or a CO2 investigation, and eight were service calls, which are incidents that don't warrant an emergency but the firefighter assisted in some capacity, like traffic control or pumping out basements.
There was one good intent call, which is defined by a citizen calling and reporting a problem but upon arrival the report is discovered to be unfounded,and eight false alarm/false calls, which specifically deals with an alarm, smoke detector or alarm system triggered but no problem is found upon arrival.
Three incidents were directly related to severe weather and natural disasters.
There was one special incident type. This category is for incidents in which odd or unusual things happen. The special incident was a medical assist, a request by an ambulance crew to help assist lifting and moving a patient outside, up a slippery slope, according to Deputy Fire Chief Chris Lyon.

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