Longtime doctor hangs up shingle

Dr. Gerald Lloyd loves gardening will have more time to spend with his flowers. Lloyd retired from the Corry Medical Group Inc. on Aug. 1. Journal photo by Maryann Mook

It’s probably a good thing that Gerald Lloyd, M.D., didn’t try out for a career as a pitcher for a major league baseball team.

When Lloyd was a young lad, he had a job delivering newspapers in Corry. But the papers wouldn’t always end up on the customers’ front porch, or even in their yard.

“I would call them (customers) up and tell them their paper was on their roof,” Lloyd said.

He might not have had the best aim as a child, but Lloyd later knew what to do when it came to delivering a baby — or two.

He tells the story of one particular woman who was a patient of his during her pregnancy, long before ultrasounds and sonograms and know-your-baby’s gender were part of pregnancy.

“When it was time, I delivered her baby,” Lloyd said. “Afterward, the nurse said, ‘She still looks big.’ Then out came the twin.”

The woman delivered twin girls, Lloyd said.

Not all the stories he can tell about his experience as a family practitioner in Corry for 45 years are joyful, but there are some happy endings.

Lloyd has served as the Corry Area School District’s physician for many years.

“Every year, I do physicals for kindergarten, sixth grade, and 11th grade,” Lloyd said.

While he was conducting a physical on a sixth-grade girl one time, he noticed something.

“I picked up on a mass that she had not been aware of,” Lloyd said. “Now, she’s a cancer survivor.”

At Relay for Life a few years ago, Lloyd and the girl both spoke at the same event.

“That makes routine physicals worthwhile,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd, who co-owned and practiced at the Medical Group Inc. in Corry for almost 40 years, and who spent his entire medical career serving patients in the Corry area, has retired as a family practitioner. His last day was July 30.

After earning his medical degree, Lloyd returned to Corry in 1966 and practiced medicine with J. Guy Butters for five years.

In 1972, physicians Jack Brown and Jim Hileman were in practice together, and physician Roger Cruz worked with Dr. Archie Tate.

“We got together to discuss what we could do to help recruit family docs to Corry,” Lloyd said. “We wanted to attract new physicians to Corry, so we formed two organizations.”

One of those organizations was a realty group to handle a building.

The other organization was the Medical Group Inc., which was constructed at 325 York St., behind Corry Memorial Hospital.

“I’ve been practicing up there ever since,” said Lloyd, who is 72 years old.

Drs. Brown and Hileman retired, and then Dr. Bernard Proy joined the Medical Group Inc. in 1981. Dr. Kurt Lund also came on board with Proy, but Lund eventually went into practice on his own, Lloyd said.

Although he is retired, Lloyd will continue as the school district’s physician. He also has served as the medical director at Corry Manor since 1986. He still works there half days, Monday through Friday, when he makes his rounds.

Lloyd hopes retirement gives him time to pursue other hobbies.

“I love gardening,” said Lloyd, whose backyard is filled with flowers.

He also likes to do woodworking. In the past, he’s made two hobby horses for his grandchildren, and bookcases.

“I have a woodworking machine in the basement I haven’t used for a while,” Lloyd said. “I’d really like to get back to that.”

Lloyd also has built a concert electronic pipe organ and a harpsichord. He also enjoys sailing, and, of course, spending time with his family.

Gerald and Norma Lloyd recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

They celebrated with their family, which includes a daughter, Deborah Morton and her husband, Todd, and their children, Zachary 11, and Anna Rose, 7, of Erie; a daughter, Kristen Lloyd of Windber; and a son, Stephen Lloyd and his wife, Suzanne, and their children, Joshua, 11, Timothy, 8, and Abigail, 6, of Milford.

Norma Lloyd keeps busy giving piano and organ lessons and is involved in community activities, where she is president of the Corry Arts Council Auxiliary.

Lloyd also enjoys the arts and likes going to concerts at Chautauqua Institution.

He also attends his wife’s piano recitals.

“I have listened to a lot of piano lessons,” he said.

Lloyd will now have more time for a social life.

“Thankfully, we’ve been able to keep up with most of the things we like to do,” Lloyd said.

The Lloyds are also active in their church, the Corry Evangelical United Methodist Church, where Lloyd serves as chairman of the Missions Commission, is a Sunday school teacher and is a member of the choir.

Even though Lloyd is retired, he’ll remember his patients and how, as a physician, he wanted to help people, in and out of the Medical Group Inc. office.

A couple of years ago, Lloyd and his daughter were credited with saving the life of a woman who was drowning in a swimming pool at the Bel-Aire Hotel in Erie.

“Someone saw her and started yelling,” Lloyd said. “We jumped over fences and flowers to get to her.”

Lloyd said he has enjoyed working in his hometown.

“I really think Corry has been good to me,” Lloyd said. “I hope I’ve been good to Corry as far as medical services.”

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