Al Gernovich picked up an empty Pepsi can he found along West Smith Street and dropped it into a plastic garbage bag.

Gernovich and his wife, Chris, were on patrol for litter Saturday morning on the city’s westside as volunteers for the first community spring cleanup day sponsored by the Improve Downtown and Neighborhoods Committee of Corry 2020 Vision.

Both their bags were half full after only 40 minutes on the job.

“You just don’t notice how much garbage there is until you walk through it,” Gernovich said.

Between 100 and 125 bundled-up volunteers braved 37-degree temperatures and spitting snow to pick up litter in the city.

“The turnout was super, considering the weather,” said Alex Gernovich, Al’s dad and facilitator of the committee. “It was remarkable.”

Corry 2020 Vision is a strategic planning process that began about a year ago in the hopes of inspiring volunteers to establish short- and long-range projects designed to make Corry a better place to live. The cleanup day is the first project to get off the ground.

“This is just the first step,” said David Maryott, a committee member and Corry city councilman. “We’ve got a lot of other projects we’re working on.”

Committee members said Saturday’s effort was a huge success.

“When I drove home, I thought, ‘Wow! This town looks really good,” said committee member Mark Hulings.

Hulings and other committee members manned a registration table at the gazebo in city park on Saturday morning. Volunteers were provided with work gloves, plastic bags, safety vests and refreshments, all of which were donated.

Many of the volunteers already knew what neighborhoods they wanted to canvass and went right to work. Using a green marker, Hulings marked off streets that were being covered on a master map of the city.

When the work was completed before noon, litter had been picked up in Mead Park, city park and about 90 percent of city streets. The filled white trash bags were placed curbside for pickup by the city’s refuse-collection service.

Several streets, including Worth Street and Hatch Street, were not covered. Committee members plan to pick up litter along those streets this week.

The city also is in spring-cleaning mode. The city’s annual spring brush pickup began today and will last for the next two weeks

Despite the weather, Hulings said volunteers who picked up trash and businesses and organizations that donated items really came through. The group plans to hold another cleanup day next spring.

“We want to thank the community for its support,” Hulings said.

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