Spruced-up wall awaits Constitution Week

Corry Area High School History Club Constitution Wall members, from left, Matt Kellogg and CJ Brown join faculty members Char Meerhoff and Rhae Brown for a cleanup work bee at Constitution Wall on Saturday. New flags will be installed and new plaques are just about ready for installation.

CJ Brown looks up to the men and women who serve their nation and community.

The Constitution Wall at Corry Elementary School, which honors those who have sacrificed — and continue to sacrifice — their personal concerns to serve the greater good only enhances Brown’s admiration.

“I really like having the wall in Corry,” said Brown, a senior at Corry Area High School. “I think the younger generation can learn a lot from the people who serve our country.”

Brown isn’t all talk.

As chairman of the high school History Club that sponsors the Constitution Wall along the Corry Area School District, Brown is taking an active roll to make sure the wall itself is treated with respect.

Brown, fellow History Club member Matt Kellogg, and faculty members Char Meerhoff, Rhae Brown and History Club adviser James Wojcicehowski spent part of Saturday sprucing up the wall, which is located along Wright Street at the elementary school.

The workers cleared away debris with a leaf blower, trimmed grass along the wall, and added fresh bark mulch around the five flag poles. The mulch was donated by Corry Peat.

“It looks really good,” CJ Brown said. “We need to keep it looking nice for all the people that come to see it.”

Several hundred names of individuals who have served or continue to serve their nation and community have been engraved on 12-by-12-inch granite blocks that are attached to the wall. Each block has two 6-by-6-inch sections — room enough for one name to be engraved on each section. Donors pay $60 per name to have their loved ones honored on the wall.

Soon, another 100 blocks containing 200 names will be added to the wall. Those blocks are purchased, engraved and ready for installation, Wojcicehowski said.

Things also are looking up in another important way at the Constitution Wall, which was dedicated Sept. 17, 2008. Six new flags soon will fly over the wall.

Wojcicehowski said a new U.S. flag, and flags representing the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Coast Guard soon will be raised by the school district’s maintenance staff.

A new flag, the POW/MIA flag, also will wave for the first time. The flag will fly on the flag pole topped by Old Glory.

The History Club plans to check on the wall each month to make sure it always looks its best, Wojcicehowski said.

See the Journal's Tuesday, September 8th edition for full story.

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