FCA Packaging

During a tour of FCA Packaging, 844 Route 6, FCA Packaging Plant Manager Colin Lodestro stands at left with his dog, Koko, who is 5 years old. From left next to Lodestro is Councilman Bill Roche, Corry Redevelopment Authority Executive Director Rick Novotny, Councilwoman Taree Hamilton, City Administrative Assistant Lisa Jordan and City Business Manager Nick Heil.


FCA Packaging LLC, 844 Route 6, is the most recent stop on Corry's plant tour series.

A series of monthly plant tours implemented by Corry Mayor Dave Mitchell and Corry Redevelopment Authority Executive Director Rick Novotny gives city officials and the community an inside view of local industries.

FCA Packaging is a custom packaging solution company that has plants in 21 cities nationwide.

Corry FCA Packaging Plant Manager Colin Lodestro, of Lakewood, N.Y., explained the company can build containers large enough to hold multiple large pickup trucks and small enough to ship one small battery.

"We're the carpenters of the area," Lodestro said.

While its national headquarters is located in Moline, Illinois, Lodestro said the company's business model is to create an office next door to the business of a new account in order to best serve its packaging needs. 

The company works with heavy industry customers. Its main customer in the area is Cummins Inc., in Jamestown, N.Y., which produces a variety of engines, generators and power systems.

Other clients of FCA packaging are General Electric, Wabtec Corp. and Lockheed Martin Corp., to name a few.

Lodestro said there are 30 employees at the plant in Corry, and the environment created for employees is more of a family environment.

FCA used to be located in Lakewood, N.Y., right next to Cummins. With the growth that Cummins experienced about six years ago, the company found they needed to expand. Since FCA sets up next door to clients, Cummins requested to take over the building and in exchange would sign a 5-year contract with FCA. 

At that time, Corry was the closest place to Lakewood with buildings that would meet FCA's operational needs, Lodestro said.

The move from Lakewood meant some employees were lost because of the commute, but FCA now has mostly Corry residents as employees. 

When asked what the government could do for FCA, Lodestro replied that anything that makes life good for the people on his crew benefits him.

The efforts of the city to improve the local quality of life and the city was shared with Lodestro, including efforts to fight blight and plan events that would attract outside commerce.

"Probably the most important part about what we've discussed this morning is the things that you are telling me that you are doing to help my guys' community," Lodestro said. "I tap into it in a professional setting. Obviously, they do as well because they work here but anything you can do to take care of my employees, I'm on board for."

He said many of his employees formed crews for outside of work activities, such as various leagues and demolition derby teams.

"If you were to devise events like that, they would go," Lodestro said. "They are ready to be a part of something."

Novotny expressed interest in bringing something to the community to build on those interests for everyone in the Corry community that would also draw in people from other communities.

"The more you improve their quality of life, the better they're going to work for me because they're happier," Lodestro said.

The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality management systems.

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